June 9, 2023

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The Surface Pro 8 Is the Pinnacle of Microsoft’s 2-in-1 Design

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Microsoft basically invented the detachable 2-in-1 with the Surface RT and the original Surface Pro, and over the years, the company has been steadily iterating on the Surface’s design, while being cautious not to make any radical changes that make scare away longtime owners or picky enterprise customers. With the Surface Pro 8, Microsoft has taken its past innovations, added some shiny new features, and created a device that is essentially a greatest hits collection of from nearly a decade of detachable design.

Refined Design With a Brilliant Display

The Surface Pro 8's basic formula hasn’t changed much from Surfaces past. You still get a tablet body with a kickstand in back, built-in stylus support, and a magnetic connector on one edge for attaching one of Microsoft’s removable keyboard covers.

Instead of trying to completely overhaul last year’s Surface, Microsoft basically copy and pasted the design from the Surface Pro X onto the Surface Pro 8. So now you get a thinner and slightly curvier 2-in-1, with smaller (and more) rounded bezels, which allowed Microsoft to increase the size of the Surface Pro 8's display from 12.3 inches to a full 13 inches, which gives you more screen without any extra bulk. The one big difference between the Surface Pro 8 and the Surface Pro X is that because the SP8 features a beefier CPU, there’s a thin strip for venting across the top when in landscape mode.


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