March 24, 2023

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Muslim Youth Clash With Soldiers At Abeka/Tesano

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Muslim Youth Clash With Soldiers At Abeka/Tesano

There was drama at the traffic intersection right in front of the Despite Media Group building when a throng of motorists riding motorcycles and driving cars indiscriminately on the Abeka Junction road, clashed with some Military personnel leading to an explosive verbal spat.

Breaching traffic regulations such as sitting in the boots of cars, they tooted horns and disrupted public order with the massive gridlock caused by their actions on the roads linking the Kwame Nkrumah Circle to Abeka and Tesano Junction and from the N6 highway to Circle.

For well over 10minutes, these motorists, whose destination was unknown, engaged in a near violent confrontation with a group of soldiers who decided to ensure order and devoted themselves to directing the traffic.

The about seven soldiers together with some Police officers wielding guns and intervening in the traffic situation had to maintain their composure as the unruly motorists, some in V8 Land Cruiser vehicles, accosted them for a right of way but the security personnel stood their grounds and cleared the traffic congestion.


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