April 1, 2023

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eKool School Management system introduced in Ghana to helps reduce absenteeism

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The eKool School Management System is operating in six countries and has made significant impact by reducing pupils’ absenteeism. It has also increased parental involvement in school processes and lessened administrative duties for teachers and school heads by 50 percent has been introduced in Ghana.

It is a critical tool for school administrators to digitise processes and provides a 360-degree function apart from aiding effective learning and teaching experience to achieve quality education in the era of virtual activities.

The Chief Executive Officer of eKool, Tanel Keres, said the system improved the productivity of stakeholders, including teachers, staff, students and parents.

He noted that, the software makes the lives of pupils and parents simple and convenient. For parents, assessing all the important information of their pupils just got easier. They can simply track and monitor if their child is in class or not, their assignments and scores.

Mr Keres said the system provided better learning results for pupils whose schools sign onto the platform because it gave the pupil the chance to do advanced preparation anywhere at any time based on teacher’s notes and comments.

“Imagine, you’re driving through the long hours in traffic? All these hours, your child can productively make good use of the time by communicating with their colleagues on assignments and also may opt for group discussions on topics treated at school. How convenient,” he said.

Mr Keres said teachers could report activities instantly on the eKool software which helps to enhance communication and makes it easier for teachers to share scores of their pupils with their parents without having to wait till the end of term or an Open Day.

He added that,this system incorporates student performance analytics and information on grades. With this, parents can access their performance and know their strengths and weaknesses and be able to take any actions if need be.

Mr Keres said the system had a well-structured teaching, learning and other class management activities that gives way for teachers to save on the average 45 minutes a day, resulting in more teacher-pupil contact hours a month to teach.

“This is achieved by inputting the students’ data into the system only once – no duplication of work and reports are generated automatically.

He said, “For the school’s management and leadership team, eKool serves as a platform to give you the ability to monitor all the school’s activities and reporting functions such as teachers’ activities, staff records, pupils profile and their parents, admission tracking among other key elements”.

This and more are available when you use the eKool school management software. In the age of progress, no industry wants to be left behind – certainly not the educational institutions. Developing children academically can be a little overwhelming and requires such technology resources to make the process easy and efficient.

If you are a school administrator in Ghana and looking to simplify or minimise the manual and cumbersome administrative processes in your institution, a school management software could be your solution – and eKool has a tried and tested platform just for you.

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