April 1, 2023

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Internet Society Ghana Celebrates World Safer Internet Day

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Since February 2004, the Safer Internet Day has been celebrated around the world each year. The event is celebrated globally to promote responsible, respectful, and creative use of the Internet among children and the youth. Organizations and other supporters such as the Internet Society chapters organizes this day to create awareness on the need to contribute to an open, secure, globally-connected, and trustworthy Internet for everyone.

The Internet Society Ghana chapter organized the 2022 Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, February 08 at the L & A Memorial Academic under the global theme “Together for A Better Internet”.

Francis Amaning, ISOC Ghana President lead a delegation of ISOC Ghana Chapter members to launch the World Safer Internet Day and took the opportunity to brief on the purpose of the gathering.

The day started with an individual brainstorming session which was focused on students writing down the things they see on the Internet that they don’t like but they can’t tell anyone and things they like on the Internet. It was interesting to hear the students mention some of the things they dislike such as cyberbullying, fraud, pornography, adware and many others.


The students also had the opportunity to watch a video on “Wrong use of the internet”. There was a brainstorming group session where all the students came together with a single Safer Internet Pledge on a sticky notes.

Every day is a Safer Internet, as such, all stakeholders are therefore encouraged to help increase awareness on online safety issues to encourage a safer and positive use of digital technology.

Parents need to be well-informed on how they can guide and protect their children’s online activities. The youth and individuals who are always online need to be aware of the dangers in cyberspace and how they can protect themselves.

By Nana Debrah


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