March 24, 2023

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75.18% 4G Market Share commanded by MTN Ghana

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According to the latest Telecom Market Share Report from the National Communications Authority (NCA), MTN Ghana currently commands a whopping 75.18% share of the 4G market in Ghana.

The report, which focuses on the month of January 2022, indicates that Vodafone has a 24.15% market share, while the remaining 0.67% is split between four Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) providers – Surfline, Busy Internet, Telesol and Broadband Home.

In terms of actual numbers, there were a total of 7,423,876 4G subscriptions, of which MTN alone had 5,580,917 and Vodafone 1,793,190, while Surfline ended the period with 40,347, followed by Busy – 5,393, Telesol – 3,181 and Broadband Home – 848 .

The report pointed out that Blu Telecom, one of the first BWAs to start operations in Ghana, is currently being lost from the industry. It’s not clear if Blu sold its license to another player or just disappeared from the market.

It is recalled that another BWA licensee, Goldkey Telecoms, sold its license to MTN Ghana in 2019.

Vodafone Ghana also currently has a white label partnership with leading BWA player Surfline, on the basis of which Vodafone launched its smart surf routers powered by Surfline spectrum.

Meanwhile, in BWA, Surfline remains the overwhelming leader with 81% market share, followed by Busy Internet with 10.84%. Telesol follows with 6.39% and Broadband Home with 1.7%.

In the mobile data market, MTN once again holds its own with a market share of almost 70%. AirtelTigo is second with 14.77%, followed by Vodafone with 13.93% and Glo with 1.57%.

MTN also has a nearly 60% market share for mobile voice communications, followed by Vodafone with 19.6%, AirtelTigo with 18.3% and Glo with 1.96%.

According to the NCA report, while MTN and AirtelTigo achieved some market share gains of 2% and 4% respectively, Vodafone and Glo lost market share during the period.

According to actual numbers, MTN now has 24.5 million subscriptions; Vodafone – 8.0 million; AirtelTigo – 7.7 million and Glo – 804,890.


By: Sheila Satori Mensa

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