Telegram is Better Than WhatsApp – Period

Telegram is an awesome chat app. It’s way better than WhatsApp on every grounds (opinions are like noses by the way). I’ve been using it since it was launched sometime back and to be very frank, WhatsApp has been stealing some features from the Telegram app small small. Remember the new WhatsApp feature: Delete sent messages? Well Telegram has had this long ago. Like way back. This and many other are reasons why you should switch over, or maybe use it alongside WhatsApp.

Hopefully, you’ll be convinced by the end of this. Let’s roll!




1. Hide Last Seen for Particular Users

? I intentionally put this in the first reason. Everyone has that one “friend” they want to hide their last seen from. So here it is, served on a sliver platter called Telegram. I think you can stop reading, and go download Telegram now. Just kidding. More treasure awaits. Read on.

2. Lock App With Passcode or Fingerprint Lock

Tell me you don’t like this feature ?. Don’t want others to open Telegram without your permission? Add a passcode lock to your Telegram account. If your device has a fingerprint scanner, that can also be used to open the app.  Passcode lock can be found in Settings > Privacy and Security > Passcode Lock.

3. Cloud Backup

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app. All messages sent through Telegram are stored on its cloud, hence chats remain synchronized across all your devices. It’s unlike WhatsApp where you have to be logged in both on your phone and/or browser in order to get messages synced. You can also choose to self-destruct your account if you don’t log in to your account for a particular period of time. The default is one year. Cool right?

4. Secret Chats

Secrets, secrets, secrets. Don’t we just love secrets? I know we do ?

Telegram provides a feature known as ‘Secret Chat’ which according to them is the most secure way to communicate. The messages sent through Secret Chat are end to end encrypted. These messages are not stored on Telegram servers. You can set a self-destruct timing for your messages. Secret chat doesn’t allow the other person to take a screenshot of your chat nor does it allow message forwarding. Oh, praise the Lord somebody! Do I hear an amen?

5. Pin Messages

How many times has it happened that an important message is posted on a group and you miss it as the chat gets crowded with follow up messages?

Answer: All the time.  Pinned messages allows the admins pin important message at the top. It also gives an option to notify every member if they have muted the group.

6. Supergroups

So our dear WhatsApp has a group limit of 247 persons. Nobody has time for limitations. Now, imagine having an unlimited number of members in a group.  That’s what we’re talking about!

Converting a normal group to supergroup is very easy. Go to Group’s info > Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner > Select Convert to supergroup. It also lets you create a custom link which you can share to let others join your group. Bots like Group Butler let you control groups and add more productivity.

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7. Bots

Telegram is one of the first messengers to introduce bots on its platform. The bot can teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things. You can find many interesting bot options on Storebot. Cool thing is you can create your own bots too, using any of these: BotFather or ManyBot

8. Channels

Channels are a great way to broadcast your message to a large audience. Creating a channel is as easy as creating a group. Every message posted on a channel has a view counter and an individual shareable link. You can increase your channel audience by submitting the channel on Tchannels.

9. Telegram Stickers

Stickers are a great alternative to emojis. Stickers on Telegram are of high quality made by professionals. You can create your own sticker pack or use the ones created by Telegram. Trending stickers can be found on sticker panel or Settings > Stickers > Trending Stickers

10.  Edit Messages

Typos are so yesterday ?. Welcome to world of editing messages. Now, you don’t have to use ‘*message‘ whenever you do typos. Telegram lets you edit sent messages. Edited messages will contain a small ‘edited’ label at the end of the message so that it is easy to distinguish edited and non-edited message. Messages sent in last 48 hours can be edited.

11. Unsend Message

How many times has it happened that you send someone an inappropriate message by mistake and later had to explain to them that it was by mistake.  To save you from such situations, Telegram introduced an “unsend message” option. You can unsend any weird message you shared within the last 48 hours. This option works in groups as well as in personal chats.

 12. Picture-In-Picture

Oh yes, you read that right. Want to continue chatting while watching a YouTube video? Picture-In-Picture lets you chat and watch YouTube videos at the same time. It shrinks the screen to a smaller size which you can drag anywhere across the screen.  As of now, only Youtube and Vimeo links work with Picture-in-Picture.

13. Games

Last year Telegram pushed its boundaries further by launching a bot-powered Gaming Platform. Games with sound and graphics can be played inside the app. New and interesting games can be found on @gamee. You can also add  @gamee bot inline in any group to compete with your friends. All your high scores are saved across all your chats.

 14. Pin Chats

With personal chats, channels, and bots, your chat screen can become a bit messy. Scrolling all the way down just to find a particular conversation  can be a painful job. With Pin Chats, important chats are stuck to the top. The limitation of pinned chats as of now is 5.

15. Instant View

Remember the Instant Article by Facebook? Instant View works the same way with zero page load time. Currently, only articles from Medium, TechCrunch, and Telegraph work with Instant View. Telegram promises to add more in the future.

16.  Usernames

Want to have a conversation with someone but don’t trust them enough to share your phone number? Telegram usernames allow you to connect with new people without sharing your number. You can also share link to let other connect with you. To set your username, head over to Settings section of Telegram and type the username of your choice below your phone number.

17. Music Player

Songs? Anyone? Telegram comes with a beautiful music player which can replace your native music player. Telegram Music Player can perform all functions that a regular music player is able to do. Channels like Daily Music and The Hits and Bots like VK Music Bot can be used to search for songs. Noyce! ?

18. Types of File

Whew! Boy do I love this one. Any type of file is allowed. Name the file extension and you can send that file on Telegram. Files up to the size of 1.5GB can be sent using Telegram. Telegram can also be used to download Movies and TV shows. Check iMediaShare channel for movies and TV shows in HD quality

19. Theme Support

This year, telegram began the new year by introducing a big update to the Desktop version. With that update, support for custom themes was introduced. Themes created by users can be applied to make the app look just the way you like. Check @themes for awesome themes made by the community. Theme support for Andriod app is on its way as quoted in this blog post.

20. Cloud Storage

With Telegram, you get a personal unlimited cloud storage for free. This is nothing but a chat with yourself which you can use to save important files. You can also forward files from other chats to save them for future use. There is no limit on the GBs of files that you can save.

21. Image Editor and Masks

Where are the IG models? ?

Telegram comes with a built-in Image editor. All basic image editing can be done before sending a picture. Image editing options in this app consist of crop, image enhancement, exposure control, contrast control, warmth, and saturation. Along with these features, drawing and writing on a picture, stickers and masks are also present. Masks on Telegram works just like the Snapchat filters. Applying Mask is very easy. Just choose a mask, and it will be automatically positioned in the right place.



IFTTT Integration

With IFTTT integration, you can use your Telegram account to automate things. You can control other services via Telegram, or receive notifications and content like photos and videos when they do something. Popular services that work with IFTTT are Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Spotify, Pinterest, Philips Hue, Nest etc.  Examples of what you can do using IFTTT integration are:

  • Get a Telegram message when important emails arrive.
  • Whenever you are mentioned on Twitter, send the tweet to Telegram.
  • Every time you post a new Instagram photo, share it with a Telegram chat.
  • Share tracks you add to a Spotify playlist with a Telegram group or channel.
  • Message @IFTTT on Telegram to change the color of your Hue lights.
  • Automatically tweet new posts from your Telegram channel.


So, welcome to the new world! Making that switch now?


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