The Lion is fierce and proud, a symbol of bravery and strength in many cultures around the world. The King of the Savannah is a worthy adversary to pick some traits from. Here are five ways lions teach us to live our lives with courage.

Grow Into Your Best Self

When we were young we always dreamt about being a particular person when we grow up. Though most of us do not live to realize our childhood fantasies, we have seen ourselves grow into people willing to do more and making a change in society.
There is plenty of time to explore and learn as we grow. Life isn’t a race. Don’t be in a rush to change things. Let nature take its course. But above all, Pray without Ceasing.


Follow Your Nose

On your path to greatness, continue to strive hard and work towards to what you want to become. Don’t stop searching and working hard till you reach that point of your life you are fulfilled deep down in your heart that you have made your mark on your generation.
Follow your guts; Find the trail that leads you to greatness. Only you can make your dreams a reality.


Be Daring

Know that your greatest strength lies in your will of never giving up when you are facing a difficult situation. Don’t ever hesitate to roar down any doubts or fears. And always have the courage to face your fears.

Trust The Pride

Seek guidance and wisdom from your friends, family, teachers and role models who surround you on your journey in life.
“The Pride of Lions,” move together, and are a menacing group of animals when they attack a prey as one. Be in the midst of your friends who have been loyal to you since day 1 and who know your story and believe in your present and future.
“Your Pride,’ defines the sort of person you are.


Know When to Rest

Even the kings of the savannah find time to rest. They make plenty time to rest and restore each day. A Lion can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping. Why do we drain ourselves in our work every day at the expense of our quality resting time?
Every day we wake up, there are always targets to meet, meetings to attend and objectives to realize. As a result, we are tempted to work and work as slaves, yet we fail to realize that we need time for ourselves.
Find time to relax like the King of the Jungle.

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