In a country where 1.2 million of you are struggling for a job that is almost non-existence can be frustrating, the least you can do is dream of owning a business; it does not cost anything. The problem however is when frustration from not getting a job becomes the drive for which one resorts to becoming an entrepreneur.
Unknown to many, the scenery within the circles of successful entrepreneurs is not as pleasant as what we see from the outside.

Truth is even the seemingly buoyant business we see and admire are fuelled with a lot of sacrifices that aspiring entrepreneurs may not be willing to subject themselves to. Again, to DREAM of becoming an entrepreneur does not cost anything, the reason many dare such a venture yet few survive it.
Records according to the Ghana employment statistics per a Joynews report on 26th March 2017, 10.5% of the unemployed 1.2 million people attempt being entrepreneurs after not being successful with job hunting. Meanwhile same record has it that 75% of these businesses do not survive even up to three(3) years. The problem is from the root, the mind that started the business; a frustrated one, probably not passionate but desperate, not patient, wants result now.

The hard truth is, aside sacrifice and patience every aspiring entrepreneur must come to terms with the fact that, it is a slow process that needs a lot of attention, a dilemma of what one really wants to do and what one MUST do. Besides failure may not be an option but a certainty, for these reasons you cannot afford to miss this year’s #SFAN Student entrepreneur week Ghana (#SEWGH) dubbed “Unleashed Possibilities”.

Unleashed Possibilities

One of the painful encounters in the life of an entrepreneur is meeting an opportunity with no preparation or the other way round. #SEWGH does not only expose you to possibilities but also create the possibilities .
#SFAN in collaboration with Echo VC Partners is making possible a platform for Student Entrepreneurs with scalable businesses to compete in the Young Money Business Pitch leading to funding, businesses development support, and market opportunities.

Why Your Startup Did Not Survive

The Forum promises to be one that exposes you to realities on the ground with experience from people who have been through the odds and survived it. You get to know what you did wrong in your first business attempt as well as what you did right. Areas that can be improved and how, the answers to all your questions including who can be an entrepreneur?

A Three Day Analytical Event

This event is not the regular entrepreneurship workshops that end on notepads and diaries. The event is carefully put together with major players in the industry, an opportunity to network, be opened to the realities on the ground. What entrepreneurship is and is not.
Organisers carefully scheduled the event into days (July 26th to 28th) that adequate time is allocated to each agenda.

Speakers and Industry Players

The speakers at the forum are those with experience on the subject area. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Jarvis Anthony, Provost, Lancaster University
  • Gina Kloes, Game Changer, Leadership Expert, & Peak Performance Strategist
  • Abdullahi Muhammed, Forbes Contributor & CEO, Oxygemat
  • Afua Osei, Co-Founder, She Leads Africa
  • Liz Grossman, Co-Founder, Baobab Consulting
  • Josephine Faal, Founder, Smart & Savvy Women Ltd
  • Sam Carter-Mensah, Senior Experience Designer, Digital Mckinsey
  • Andy Mensah, Human Resource Partner, ‎IBM Ghana Limited
  • Eric Osiakwan, Managing Partner, Chanzo Capital
  • Damilola Thompson, Corporate Counsel, EchoVC Partners
  • Leticia Browne, Director, Intelligent Capital Group
  • Bertha Logan-Owusu, Founder, Lumiere Couture
  • Kevin Nyame, Co-Founder, Meqasa
    Dela A. Kumahor, Independent Consultant
  • William Senyo, Co-Founder/CEO, Impact Hub Accra
  • Timothy Kotin, Co-founder, Superfluid Labs
  • Edem Kumodzi, Senior Consultant, Andela
  • Sydney Sam, Founder, Workspace Global
    Lakeshia Marie, Founder, Ford Communications

Group Discounts

Discounts are available for groups via the event registration page

The Graduation

The event will be crowned with a graduation ceremony at the Kempinski Hotel, Gold Coast City, Accra where certificates will be awarded participants after careful one one-on-one mentoring sessions by the successful entrepreneurs and professionals, masterclasses and in-depth situational analysis.

The Forum kick starts at the British Council Accra and then end at Kempinski Hotel, Gold Coast City, Accra from 26th to 28th of July, 2018.

You can’t afford to miss this, register here:

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