March 24, 2023

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Tech Today Ghana

Although the world is being governed and run by technology, with technological advancement rapidly taking over our traditional roles and activities, societies such as those in Ghana has quite low engagement in this space and this calls for the need for all and sundry to join hands in promoting the use of technology.

Tech Today Gh. seeks to bring to you all the latest news and inventions in the field of Technology in the areas of Computer Systems, Computer Networking, Applications, Automobile and Careers in Technology through the use of media by organizing talk shows, tech news, events and training.

This will also help promote the use to tech and the numerous opportunities comes with it in Ghana.


To be the mouthpiece and go to channel for issues surrounding technology


1. Use media as a platform to promote information and use of technology in Ghana and beyond

This is the heading

1. Create awareness on latest technological trends 2. Educate and teach on use of some tech platforms to make work and life easie
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