Africa Dialogues 2017

The Dreams we dare not; the Africa we want.

This year’s Africa Dialogues saw the coming together of thought-leaders across Africa to discuss issues affecting the continent, and the best ways to help curb them.

The event was an African thought-leadership platform that focused on broad-ranging discussions on governance and human rights, education, youth unemployment, infrastructure, public health, gender and income inequality, Africa’s economies and urban development towards helping our continent attain AGENDA 2063 and SGDs 2030.


The platform brought together policy makers, innovative business leaders, accomplished academics, leaders of civil society organizations and other distinguished individuals to foster productive dialogue about Africa’s future in attaining AGENDA 2063 and SDG 2063.

The Sustainable Development Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals

The Africa Dialogues event took place on June 3rd, at the Accra International Conference Centre, from 9am to 3pm. The speakers gave short, powerful talks on the Africa Dialogues Stage. It was such an insightful moment hearing from these thought provokers.

The platform endeavors to move beyond raising awareness about the challenges facing Africa by highlighting innovative thinking and promoting those who are working to effect real change in Africa. One particular feature was an invention from 8 High School students from the Eduman Senior High. The students have come up with an innovative idea to solve the dumsor issue in the country. Even though it is still in the prototype stage, it has the potential of being a great initiative. They call the device the Earth Battery. What the device does essentially is to tap electricity from the soil. Pretty great if you ask me. The team demonstrated this on stage for all to witness the “wonder”. “It can power an LED bulb”, said of the student inventors when I asked about how it works. During the test on stage, it was able to produce a voltage of 23. Pretty impressive.

It’s my hope that stakeholders take notice of this great invention and sponsor it further. The students won a whooping sum of $10,000 dollars when they competed in a STEM event organized earlier this year in Washington DC. The future is bright for Africa!

Photos From Event – Africa Dialogues 2017


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