So after Amazon introduced one of those ‘cool-always-listening-cup-like-smart–bluetooth-speakers’ they made us call ‘Echo’, they released Echo Dot, a junior form of Echo 1st gen intended for kids. In mug world, if Echo 1st gen were to be a huge beer jar, Echo Dot will fit as a fancy tiny coffee mug (literally.jk).

Apple was a bit late in joining the smart sound system game but their HomePod shows they’ve come for good. Or does it?

Amazon’s Echo Dot

The Echo Dot basically has the same specs as Echo 1st gen. With constant internet connectivity, Echo Dot works as a perfect Personal Assistant. It tells the weather, what  traffic is like on the road, reads from your audible library and obviously plays music. Sites Echo Dot allows you play music from are Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music libraries, Google Play and also  streams from Apple Music. You need to connect via Bluetooth to an external speaker to have a jam (the sound system is not as loud as the Echo 1st gen. Judging by the size variation, we see why).

Moving on, Echo dot allows you voice shop online and for Prime-Amazon members,you can actually order stuff online but for the regulars, you can only add to cart from Amazon stores.
Alexa on Echo Dot allows you place hands-free calls at no cost at all to anyone on your contact list so far as they use the Alexa app or own an Echo.

Echo Dot also pairs with other smart devices in your home, say a smart bulb or TV. It has an added advantage of a far field voice recognition and yes, Alexa works there too. Don’t we just love Alexa?!
Amazon’s Echo Dot has a likened  10,000mAh battery life incorporated which keeps the smart device working up to 10-15 hours!

So there you have it.

Apple’s HomePod

The HomePod comparably has better audio qualities with its seven beam-forming tweeters and 4-inch woofer. It also has an A8 chip that facilitates adjustments and directs sound based on its room/location. Say you move an Apple HomePod from the hall(large room) to your bedroom(a relatively smaller room), the sound produced varies automatically.
HomePod, doesn’t have the ability to connect via Bluetooth,  how disappointing!

When it comes to music, the HomePod is compatible with Apple’s Air Play2 and facilitates playing music from McIntosh, Bose and Denon third-party speakers. Mind you,  Spotify, Google play and many other music services are not suitable platforms for the HomePod. But here’s a way out for Spotify subscribers: Launch the app (Spotify) on your iPhone and play it on HomePod using Air Play.

While it has smart abilities and has its own version of Alexa (Siri), You can command Siri to play you music, and pair with smart devices. Siri is built to specialise in music and isn’t as smart as Alexa. Sad thing is, The HomePod  doesn’t recognize multiple voices and the user definitely can’t attach more than one Apple ID. I guess Apple was aiming at making the device feel more personalised.

For only $90, Echo dot comes with a USB cable, charger, an instruction manual and a sheet that helps with shortcut commands. The Apple HomePod goes for $349 and comes with an attached cable, an instruction manual and an Apple sticker.(pretty much overpriced for a branded semi-smart music box if you ask me).

Audio quality is Better on HomePod than on Echo Dot anyway.

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