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This App Really Makes You Anonymous – Jodel
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This App Really Makes You Anonymous – Jodel 

Jodel – The Ultimate Campus Buzz App

We have been there before: the desire to express your “feelings” on social media, without the penalty of tainting your online presence. Maybe you haven’t, but hey sometimes we all get that feeling. Jodel is here to “save” the day.

Today I want to introduce you to an awesome app that truly promises to keep you anonymous. No usernames, no names, nothing! Plus it’s waaay better then Twitter (in my opinion). Only difference between this app and Twitter is that this one doesn’t require you to input names when you sing up. The name of the app is Jodel. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. No one is left out of the fun.

Jodel – How Does It Work

It’s quite simple actually. Download/Install, start using it. How it works is that it requires your location to sow you feed from around you. It’s sort of a campus buzz thingy. Meaning it’s meant to be for linking up with your friends on campus, but also people within your vicinity.

The fact that it gives you anonymity doesn’t mean you can post anything you like (Want to dare?). The app has a unique filtering system where it detects certain words/phrases and flags them for moderation. Now, another cool part is that the users of the apps are themselves the moderators. After you have used it for sometime, you accumulate Karma. Yes Karma. That is sort of the reward you get from using the app and being engaging on the platform mostly. Now this Karma plays a role in you becoming a moderator (Sheriff). I know it sounds too dandy but trust me you’ll love it.



Jodel – The Really Fun Parts

Any time you post something (support only text, photos and doodles for now) on the timeline, you are assigned the name OJ. Anyone who comments on your post is assigned a number starting from 1, 2, 3, and so on. This way you can identify who is saying what based on their number. And of course the reverse is also true.


Jodel – Who Is It For?

For anyone looking to have fun on social media the way you want, this is just the right app for you. It has been said that people have found their beloveds here. Yep! You just have to use it to verify for yourself. There are so many goody goody stuff about this app that I can’t discuss all in a single post. You’ll love it for the anonymity it provides, for the fun stuff people post. This is where you’ll really find story tellers for real!!

Another cool feature is that if you find something interesting, you can pin it and return to it later. The conversation never ends.


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