Google AdWords – Worth it?

With businesses gradually getting a better grasp of how online advertising works, many have endeavoured to get an online presence for their business. Google AdWords is one of the most used online advertising service worldwide for a couple of reasons. But the question is ‘is the google AdWord worth it?

What are Google AdWords?

Google developed this paid for advertising feature that allows business advertise services, product listings, video content and more to google users.

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Weighing the Pros against the cons



Choose how your Ad reaches your audience. With google AdWords, there are a ton of ways to advertise to the right people. There’s a wide range of  text-based search ads, graphic display ads, YouTube video ads or in-app mobile ads – he list is endless to choose from.

Appear at Top of Rearch Results

Your Ad gets to appear at top searches based on a number of reasons like your bid – how much you’re willing to pay AdWords at maximum for an Ad click.

The Ad Rank Thresholds

Google sets a minimum threshold which an Ad must attain before it can pop-up in a particular position. The text ads can show either above or below search results and only four Ads are permitted to appear above search results. The Ad rank helps ensure that Ads are of a certain high quality.

The search context

Google checks the context of the search term, location, time, device used etc to influence the type of Ad that shows at what time and at what location.


Pay per click (PPC)

The good thing about Google Adword is that you only pay per the number of clicks on the Ad. This means AdWords is paid only when someone clicks your Ad in the simplest terms, you don’t spend unless you’re getting results.

The target by location feature:

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AdWords allows users direct their Ads to people that matter. You have the option of showing your Ad to people in specified locations. Eg –  Display ads to people in country A or people in X parts of country A or people in Y parts of X cities in country A and the options are limitless.

Turn on and off your campaign whatever, whenever..

With this feature it’s easier to stop or pause your campaign whenever you deem it without any hurdles It’s that easy.

Advertise Through Gmail Inbox

Everyone of us hoomans (in cat language) uses an email and frequently visit our mails for whatever information we seek. Google has made it possible to advertise with gmail through users’ gmail inbox. The possibility of your Ad appearing in your audience’ s inbox is high.


The Cons


Keywords planner is a feature that ensures that users find relevant and related words that match their products/services. However, there’s the problem of whether to broaden your keywords to include as many words as possible (which may include very crappy unnecessary words) or to narrow your keywords to only what feels relevant (and probably end up excluding words searchers type). More so, using keywords that have multiple meanings can be damning to your online campaign. Some keywords cost more than others depending on the number of bids on the word.

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Although Aoogle AdWords can be as low as $1, it is relatively costly especially for small businesses that will have to compete against bigger brand competitors. Imagine having to bid with a way bigger brand than yours that can afford to spend over millions of dollars for a click on their ad. Automatically, you’re fighting a losing battle.

Clicks don’t mean sales:

Get this, the fact that your Ad gets a million clicks does not necessarily generate sales. You might be paying for clicks that do not materialize and reflect in sales. But it’s a chance you should be prepared to take either way.

Alternatives? Oh Yes!

There are substitutes for google AdWords.

BingAdsYahoo Geminiamazon etc.

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