The Christ Cosmopolitan TV App

I’m not a fan of “normal” TV. But imagine being able to watch TV right from your mobile phone. Now that is just awesome.

No wonder I got hooked on this TV app. The app allows you to stream live TV from the Christ Cosmopolitan TV Channel. For those on digi boxes, you can still tune in via your TVs (channel 45 on First Digital). If you are using a regular Digital Television, simply do a scan and you should get the channel in no time at all.

App Features

  • Get access to a live television stream from Christ Cosmopolitan Incorporated.
  • Feature for joining and casting votes on opinion poll of Television Series
  • Feature for subscribing to receive notification on favorite TV shows.
  • Announcements
  • and More

You can download from the the Google Play Store using this link: Download TV App


About Christ Cosmopolitan Incorporated

“At Christ Cosmopolitan Inc., we believe we are the unfolding of God’s eternal dream; we are the revelation of the Father’s heart for all humanity: Christ!God’s vision for man is at the heart of all of heaven’s endeavours; thus from the dateless past through time, you are the prime thought on the Father’s mind. His desire is to see His dear son; our Lord Jesus revealed in you at salvation. Then, the life of God is expressed in you daily causing Christ to be formed in you till in maturity Christ is magnified in your body: immortality!”

Visit the main TV website at for more info about the commission. Alternatively, you can visit the main church website at


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