DataBank – Save and Monitor Data On Phone

Love Internet Data? We all do. Today you’ll be learn just how to save that precious data.

Sometimes you use up all your bundled data, but after realize you didn’t use it as you intended. That is when DataBank comes in.

The app was developed by a 15 year old boy, after completing his BECE. To me, that makes it a cool achievement. ?


DataBank is designed to manage the data usage of users so that your internet data can be efficiently used. A user who buys 100 MB of data can choose to use only 80 MB.

This value is saved at shared preference as the data plan the moment it is activated by the activate button. At the same period the app begins to record the data being used by the Android device. After 50% usage of the data plan, the service sends a notification to the user alerting him the amount of data he has used. After 80% of usage too, another notification is sent to alert the user. These two notifications can be toggled by the user by either enabling or disabling the show updates switch. After 95% of usage, DataBank automatically switches off both the WiFi and cellular data of devices with Android version KitKat or lower.

But on devices with Android versions higher than Kitkat, the cellular data cannot be switched off by the app due to some security reasons. Here’s the solution employed by the app: The WiFi is automatically turned off alright but a notification is sent to the user to turn off the cellular data; this notification when clicked sends the user to the actual settings where cellular data can be switched off manually. A chart is also made available to show the user a graphical display of the data left. A user can then save the data for some important stuff or even for emergencies.

Love it? I’m sure you do. Get it from the Google Play Store, and start monitoring your data usage.

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