The Table Power

‘JK2 Table Power’ is the name of the new innovation where cassava is converted into electricity. The inventors, James Ansah and Kwesi Ansah, two brothers who hail from the Eastern Region of Ghana have introduced this new innovation.

These great minds utilized items from their backyard to build an alternate, independent power generation source using cassava.

Cassava is an exceptionally famous nourishment trim in Ghana and other West African countries, utilized by numerous families for the readiness of suppers like fufu, ampesi, among other neighborhood indulgences. Considering the large quantity of cassava West Africa produces during the crop’s season which usually goes waste due to poor post-harvest practices, harnessing power from this foodstuffs would go a long way to help poor farming communities to get access to off-grid electricity. indigenes would be able to harness wasted cassava to charge phones, power bulbs, radio sets and other electrical appliances.

Hopefully, this innovation could be built upon to accommodate a larger power supply for a community. This could be a cheap power supply to remote communities who are not on the national grid.

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