Global football brands such as the English Premier League are followed by more than a billion people around the world and over 260 million of these are in Africa. The connection between these fans and the clubs are beyond what an umbilical chord serves between a mother and baby. What accounts for this passion? Why do people love clubs passionately? Why will people take the Barcelona vs Chelsea (Champions League) return clash so personally? How can local clubs learn from some of these outside clubs?

What if you could understand your fans so deeply that you provide value beyond their dreams and in return, they stay with you through thick and thin?

Date: Thursday 15th March 2018
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: China Europe Business School (CEIBS), East Legon. Behind the Diagnostic Center.

First Segment: Case Study Presentation
Applying Design Thinking to Ghana Football: A Case Study of Building Local Fan Base Support

Presentation by Cherubim Mawuli Amenyedor, StarTimes, HoNode, DTGH Facilitator in Training.

Second Segment: Facilitated Discussion

Designing A Club Strategy – How Can Local Ghanaian Clubs Engage Fans Effectively?

The Why & Hows of Fan Loyalty and Support in Football.

Facilitated session led by (Starting at 7:15pm)

Dr. Gordon Adomdza – Ashesi D:Lab, DTGHub

Eli Kondoh – PR, StarTimes Ghana

Abdul Rashid Zakari – Head of Projects & Partnerships, Mayniak Sportswear

Kurt Okraku – CEO, Dreams FC

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