Fast company is an American publishing firm in print and online focusing on technology, business, and design. It’s Franchise, ‘Most Innovative Companies’ has published their annual list of companies that are changing the status quo and challenging the business community all over the world.

The list saw Farmerline, a Ghanaian software company. According to FastCompany, Farmerline made the list due to their innovation for ‘offering mobile weather forecasts to rural farmers across 11 countries’.

Full list here:

  1. MPharma
  2. Farmerline
  3. Zoona
  4. M-Kopa Solar
  5. African Parks
  6. Moringa School
  7. Twiga Foods
  8. BRCK
  9. Flutterwave
  10. Internet of Elephants


About Farmerline 

Established in 2012 and launched in 2013, Farmerline is a Ghanaian software company that builds technologies and provides small-scale farmers and stakeholders working in rural development and agriculture with access to timely and relevant information and better communication channels through mobile phones.


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