The world`s most popular instant messaging App is rolling out  a feature which will enable users to delete sent messages and have the messages disappear from both ends of a conversation.

Even though the feature works for only seven minutes after the message has been sent the “delete for everyone” feature will enable all kinds of messages- text, image, GIFs, videos, etc to be deleted from both the sender’s and receivers` chat history.  it works for single as well as group chats.

A WhatsApp notification display saying “This message was deleted” will be displayed whereas the message`s content will disappear upon hitting the unsend button.

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Deleted message`s content will also disappear from within chats but deleted messages are likely to remain in notification previews.

The bummer, however is, the feature will only work if both users and all participants have the latest version of the app on iOS, Windows phones and Android devices.

Hopefully this will solve the “wrong destination” issues.

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