So apparently Google is working on a new open source OS called Fuchsia OS. I’m particularly excited about this and just hope they’ll carry it all through. If you know Google well enough, you know they like to pick up on cool projects and “abandon” them for now reason. “Modular Smartphones”. Sound familiar?

Anyway so today we’ll take a look at this whole new exciting OS. It’s in a very early stage so you won’t be able to install the actual OS, but you’ll be able to install the launcher itself. The launcher is named Armadillo. Link to download it for your Android device will be available a the end of this post.

Mysterious Leak?

At this week’s Google IO 2017 event in Mountain View, Android’s Dave Burke shed a little bit more light on the mysterious, upcoming platform. But only a little. So what’s the story? “Fuchsia is a early-stage experimental project,” said Burke when pressed. “We, you know, we actually have lots of cool early projects at Google. I think what’s interesting here is it’s open source, so people can see it and comment on it.” (Burke speaking).

That’s all well and good, but what’s it actually for? Sounds like not even Google’s own team is certain at the moment. “Like lots of early stage projects it’s going to probably pivot and morph,” added Burke. There’s some really smart people on it, people we’ve worked with who are great.” (Burke speaking).

Well according to Burke, it seems as though Google just might a stunner with this one too. Gosh I hope they don’t. I mean think about it, a unified OS for all things Google (and even iOS). It’ll be like the JAVA of mobile OSs.

Anyway here’s a video I did after installing the Armadillo launcher for Fuchsia. You can install it as well and play around with the OS. Even though it’s still in development, it still looks and feels awesome. It’s Google you know ?

Download APK here: Google Fuchsia APK


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