It’s been said that a time will come when if you don’t have your business online, you’ll be out of business. Actually Bill Gates made that statement some time back.

This is true today. In-fact it’s becoming a necessity now. You are either advertising your services on Facebook, Instagram or even on WhatsApp Status (Yep it’s a thing now. Ask me how).

FOMO Strikes Again

If your business does not have an online presence, you are basically setting yourself up for “disaster”. Imagine your competitor having a very big online presence (Social media and eCommerce) and you still meddling with traditional marketing. We are not completely dismissing traditional marketing (word of mouth still works – it’s called affiliate marketing.) If you don’t get in now, it might be too late. Technology waits for no man.

With the introduction of the Mobile Money Interoperability, you can bet that e-transactions will be on a rise now. A new app/service just emerged this week called Trezry, seeking to follow in the footsteps of Hubtel, Expresspay and Slydepay. And have you heard of Mazumma’s new Blockchain project?

Action Point?

With all these payment options popping up, it’s going to be increasingly easy for anyone to setup online payment options for their businesses. In comes eCommerce websites. They are an online representation of your brick and mortar business.

Do you sell books? There is an eCommerce option for you.

Do you offer consultancy service? There is an eCommerce option for you.

Do you have a shop stocked with clothing? You are also covered.

In fact, any business or service at all can have an online presence.

An eCommerce website simply replicates your business online. This expands your business and makes it branch-less. Meaning you can have a shop in Kumasi and have customers in Accra transacting with you. It can even go beyond Ghana. Heard of Etsy?

What Do I Need To Setup My E-Commerce Website?

It’s actually easy. You just need photos of your products or a list of the services you offer, a preferred website name and voila! You are done with 80% of the work. And course someone to set it up and manage for you. By someone I mean a website designer.

Heard of WordPress, Mangento (Acquired by Adobe for $1.7B) or Drupal? They are content management systems that can be used to setup eCommerce websites in no time.


Depending on who is building the site for you, price can range from GHS1000 to GHS5000. This is a good investment if you ask me because in the end you’ll make some good returns if you run your business very well.

Too Late?

If you are reading this then it’s not too late for you. Actually it’s never too late. you just have to get started. Get in touch with me to help set up an eCommerce site for you:

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