Early this year there we a few publications about Ghanaian movies going for as low as less than GHc 1.00 which was a huge disrespect to intellectual property ownership in Ghana. It raised a lot of question about how content is distributed in Ghana and how movie producers make money with their production.

Before, productions that weren’t of international standard to get on Netflix or other VoD’s will have a very marketed movie premier nationwide which is mostly proceeded with CD/DVD sales and a few earns from rights from local TV station but not anymore.

Kumawood App help Kumawood production monetize content locally

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May 2017 saw the launch of the Kumawood App in partnership with MTN, App developers MTECH Communications Limited Ghana and Kumawood the main feature of this app is to make available local movie production especially from Kumawood on a subscription of GHc 1.00 per day you can also preview the movies on the App for free to help you decide which movie you should watch or not.

Kumawood App is designed to answer the monetization issues for the Kumawood scene also make movies available at ease for movie lovers.

iflix primes to revolutionise the way Ghanaians consume entertainment

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Asian global startup iflix joined the scene to help distribute Ghanaian content in September 2017 at the launch of the platform country manager Abner Briandt, stated

“We are proud to announce that iflix is live in Ghana to offer Ghanaians world class entertainment on the go. What is the iflix advantage? – the most diversified VoD content portfolio in Africa, a good mix of Hollywood, Ghallywood and Nollywood movies and TV shows plus a dedicated kids section, download and watch later feature, pause or rewind, watch on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or TV. The list goes on and on and you get all this at a very affordable price. So, people get ready, iflix is primed to revolutionise the way Ghanaians consume entertainment.”

iflix has a subscription of GHc10.75 for a month and annual subscriptions will receive discount of more than 33% off the monthly rate, priced at GHc86 per year.

Also announcing is to execute on local content strategy in Africa to ensure that local customers are offered with content that they love and want to share with their family and friends.

IROKOtv to invest millions in Ghana


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Joining in the local content distribution scene is IROKOtv which launched in association with Venus Films this month November 2017, Jason Njoku, CEO of IROKOtv revealed that they will invest millions of dollars into the Ghanaian movie industry in the coming years and the move, is part of effects to support local movies production and thus helping the local movie industry grow.

IROKOtv is on a subscription rate of GHc 25.00 per year for access to 100% Ghanaian and Nigerian movies and TV series.

In addition, IROKOtv has rolled out over 25 bright pink kiosks across Accra which will enable patrons to download content directly onto their mobile devices, without data.


Better production, ease in distribution and monetization

With the introduction of Kumawood App, iflix and IROKOtv in the Ghanaian movie scenes will motivate movie producers to produce better content to attract acquisition from these VoD brand.

Better productions after premier will have the ease of distribution and monetization for content producers making our industry profitable than never before.

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