Now You Can Swap Phones Online

Gh Bay is a unique Classifieds Ads website. Unlike other classifieds sites like Tonaton and OLX among others, Gh Bay allows you to swap your Ads. Pretty great feature if you ask me. Gh Bay is basically a buying and selling website with the unique feature of being able to swap your items.


GhBay – Product Categories


Services Offered

Here is a list of services as can be seen from the main website (Services section). You can visit the site from

Gh Bay is a dynamic and a versatile Business group with a passionate team which believes strongly in engaging in activities which solves needs of people (consumers) . We do believe in the “Greatest Joy Principle” where we aim at the joy and satisfaction of both consumers and our team members .

We combine all the forms of e-commerce.

Business-to-Busines (B2B), where other companies can transact business wiith us.

Business-to consumer (B2C), where we (ghbay) can transact business with consumers directly.

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C), where consumers can also sell directly to other consumers.

Consumer-to-business (C2B), where consumers can directly sell to us(ghbay).

Business-to-Administration (B2A), where ghbay can transact business with Public Administration.

Consumer-to-Administration (C2A), where consumers can transact business with public Administration.

For more info. visit the main website at and enjoy this cool service.

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