Is Uber finally leaving Ghana? Are we having Silicon Valley 2.0? Find out these and other stories you might have missed this week in the highlights below. Let’s tour tech globally!


Uber to exit Africa and Asia?

An $8 billion investment by a consort led by Japanese tech giant, Softbank, makes it Uber’s largest shareholder. Uber says this move will allow it reach more people in more places around the world.

However, Softbank thinks otherwise, it believes Uber would be more successful should it focus only on US, Europe, Australia and Latin America.

As to what will really happen, only time can tell.

Apple updates look of its App Store.


Apple has launched a new design for its web-based App Store.

Though there’s no focus on app discovery, there’s now a bit more emphasis on reviews and general outlook.

OnePlus announces Credit Card fraud

You might want to check your credit card statement if you recently purchased a OnePlus phone. Up to 40,000 people may have had their card details leaked through a malicious code injected into OnePlus’ payment page.

Those who paid through PayPal were likely not affected.

Africans to buy and sell multiple crypto-currencies with newly launched platform. has announced the launch of its platform for local currency trading. Its director, Basil Bielich says they are happy to offer customers the ability to buy popular cryptocurrencies sauce as Bitcoin and Ethereum in their local currencies.

Silicon Valley of Ghana launched

Dr Thomas Mensah, a Ghanaian-American fibre optics inventor has launched the Ghanaian version of Silicon Valley at the Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT in Accra.

This initiative is expected to create business accelerators and incubators that can compete with tech companies around the world.

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