You might have heard that Google, the world’s Tech giant is opening an AI center soon and it’s in Ghana the company’s first facility of its kind in Africa.

In the past years, Google built AI centers in China – Asia in the time of its booming technology and the United States. With this being its first in Ghana and Africa at large, could be because Africa is the ‘new continent’ climbing in Tech? Either way, it is going to be a boost to the Science and Technology sector of the continent. And yes, there would be lots to learn at the center once is it opened later this year. But if you’re not a Google developer (and you probably aren’t), what does the center mean for you?
Let’s first define ‘Google AI’ and get a clear understanding of what it really is.

Google, we all know is an institution as well as a search engine and AI, simply artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine or a Computer program to think and learn. The possibility of AI relies on building machines fit for considering, acting, and learning like individuals.

Unlike most AI centers, the Google AI center is primarily about machine learning and science— the biggest benefit you could get from this AI center may come from its being a clearinghouse of information which could be input into training in artificial intelligence.

Google’s AI center is also important, broadly, because it would unite top machine learning scientists and designers and center around AI research and applications as Google works with nearby colleges, inquire about focuses, and strategy producers on potential employment of machine learning for Africa.
“AI is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It is more profound than, I dunno, electricity or fire,” says Pichai, the CEO of Google while speaking at a town hall meeting in San Francisco in January. Well, a fire could be dangerous too but Pichai asserts that “We have learned to harness fire for the benefits of humanity but we had to overcome its downsides too. So my point is, AI is really important, but we have to be concerned about it.”

On the note of Pichai encouraging the masses to be concerned about artificial intelligence, Google’s AI center in Ghana would spearhead the enthusiasm for Artificial Intelligence in Ghana and Africa at large. Let’s be open-minded and take advantage of this to build AI in Africa

What this Means to you

The idea of an AI center in Ghana might appear that there are no quick focal points of utilizing Artificial Intelligence in Ghana and you may me tempted to ask  “Is there an AI answer for each business issue?”. Well there is

Regardless, what of thought about AI,  mechanical improvement related with new examples of globalization is debilitating to make another tomorrow — forcing organizations to reconsider their items and administrations, acknowledge business efficiencies and drive client experience to an extraordinary level.

With AI, we are back to where performance actually matters. Suddenly there is a direct business impact, and we have people talking about instruction sets and processor speeds again

With AI, we are back to where execution truly matters. Out of the blue there is a prompt business impact, and we have people talking about course sets and processor speeds again

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