Last week at the Google’s I/O, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, dazzled some millions of spectators when he stood to introduce new features of Google’s duplex.

He demonstrated  how the human-cloned google virtual assistant can and will be able to make calls in your stead to example, the barber, or a local food joint. The feature, which Sundar Pichai termed as ‘continued conversation’, includes meaningful pauses in conversations which make the call sound very much real. He further mentioned that the Google Duplex can understand and answer two questions separated with ‘and’. This feature allows you do two different things at a time – mind blowing huh?!

Sundar Pichai further mentioned that the assistant will understand the nuance of conversations  and will act just like you would  during an appointment booking.
Here’s a demo on google assistant booking a hair cut appointment for a lady client:

The best part

  • The Google assistant will now have six new voices added as options for selection and one of them, was disclosed to be award winning singer, John Legend! The five(5) other voices are yet to be disclosed.


While a section of google users are not too dazzled by the announcement, holding a valid point that it sounds like a creepy idea that will end up like many of Google’s previous promises that did not happen, others are ecstatic by this announcement.

Here are comments from Twitter under hashtag iO’18.

In other equally important announcements…

The beer and the burger emoji have been fixed for your consumption!

Source: emojipedia

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