Google I/O 2017 has finally come to an end. It was an exciting three days of new announcements and goodies from Google. We saw the new Android O, and boy is it O-wesome! The new features just blows your mind away! Kotlin? Anyone? ?

Alright so let’s dive into the details. We’re just going to highlight some of the new stuff introduced during the Keynote – that’s more geared towards the consumer side. Wouldn’t want to confuse anyone with nitty gritty of codes discussed from the developer section. Full section recap on official page here: Google I/O 2017 Schedule

Google Lens


Google IO 2017 - adjei-kofi
Google Lens – A new way to explore

Remember Google Goggles? Well this is more like a revamped version of it, with AI powering it. So you can imagine how amazing it is. With Google Lens, you’ll be able to scan objects and instantly get search results related to it. So basically you’ll be able to get information from objects just by pointing your camera. Pretty cool huh.

Google IO 2017 - adjei-kofi
Google Lens – Scan Flowers, Places and Bar Codes


AI First


Google IO 2017 - adjei-kofi
Mobile First – Now AI First

This is not a product launch in itself. It’s just the new way of doing things at Google. Machine learning has grown to become a major part of the Google ecosystem. All their products/services are now AI-powered. That means we get better solutions to most of our tech “problems”. One of the applications showcased was with how Gmail now has suggested replies to emails (Smart Reply), Google assistant can now provide information even before you need it, and much more.


Google Assistant – Now on iPhone


Google IO 2017 - adjei-kofi
Google Assistant on iPhone

Yep. It’s finally a reality. Siri watch out! ?

Google has pushed the Assistant fun to iPhone users. Now all the goodies that the Android guys are enjoying with their Google can be enjoyed on iPhones too. I hope Siri is listening and watching ?

More info about Google assistant from the official site: Google Assistant


Google Assistant SDK – Now Available


Google IO 2017 - adjei-kofi

Now device manufacturers can add the Google Assistant Kit to their products. What this means is that anyone can have Google built into their products. What a convenience for consumers. The following companies will start incorporating into their products and we should see some of them later in the year.



Proactive Assistance


Hand-Free calling, anyone? Now you can just tell your beloved Google Assistant to place a phone call for you. You literally can make phone calls with your voice. If you sense a pun in there, it’s definitely intended. And there’s more. Assistant can now be configured to detect individual voices from anyone in your house. Meaning it can tailor responses based on who is asking. If that is not cool, then I don’t know what is. Go Google! ✊


Notification Dots and Smart Text Selection


Google IO 2017 - adjeikofi

Google IO 2017 - adjeikofi

So notification dots – sounds familiar? (unread counts/badges). Samsung devices and other custom launchers such as Nova launcher have always had this feature – where you see the number of unread notifications displayed on a particular app. But it’s great to finally have this as a feature built into the OS now. So now app developers will just have to enable the feature without any hustle.

Also, you can access the notification by simply tap-and-hold on the particular app that has a new notification. See photo below. You can as well access the notification from by swiping down the notif bar at the top. This new feature is handy for those who particularly get a lot of notifs at a time.

Google IO 2017 - adjeikofi
Smart Notification – using Instagram


Smart text works as it sounds. No more fidgeting with the text selection tool. Simply double-tap an word and it automatically does the selection for you. What’s more is that it also detects what kind of item it is – Phone number, address, or email and displays the corresponding app to handle the request. Pretty neat.


Android O (Oreos Maybe?)


So Android O was officially announced at this year’s IO. Well, not officially since it’s still in development. You can get the developer preview if you’re on a Nexus on a Pixel device. Some new cool features were announced for it though, one being the Smart Notifications as discussed above. One cool thing I love is the fact that now your device will boot up twice as fast. The Vitals are: Security Enhancements (it’s 2017, why not?), OS Optimizations and Developer Tools. More info here: Android O (8.0)


Kotlin – The End Of Java?


Google IO 2017 - adjeikofi -kotlin


Probably the biggest announcement this year was the introduction of Kotlin as an officially supported programming language for Android development. Could this be the end of Java for Android? Maybe, maybe not. But with time we’ll know. Read more on Kotlin here: Kotlin Programming Language

And More

For a full list of all that was announced at this year’s Google I/O, follow this link: Google IO Recap from official site. Find a summary of the event in less than 16 minutes in the video(s) below. Enjoy.

Recap Video by Engadget


Recap by MKBHD





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