The research center will focus on solving challenges with AI in African and beyond.

Google, has announced that it will be extending their AI research center to Africa. The first of its kind, on the continent will be based in Ghana.

In an official release, the company states that they have observed, “the people across Africa do amazing things with the internet and technology—for themselves, their communities and the world. Over the past 10 years in which Google has had offices in Africa, we’ve been excited to be a part of that transformation. Ultimately 10 million Africans will benefit from our digital skills training program with 2 million people having already completed the course, and we’re supporting 100,000 developers and over 60 tech startups through our Launchpad Accelerator Africa. We’re also adapting our products to make it easy for people to discover the best of the internet, even on low-RAM smartphones or unstable network connections.

The Google AI center in Accra will “bring together top machine learning researchers and engineers” as stated by the company. This promises to be a great avenue for the many top talents that are on the continent.

The company has already opened applications for Research Scientists and Research Software Engineers who wish to be a part of this project. There are many available opportunities you can take advantage of as well.

Artificial Intelligence will play a great role in the fourth industrial revolution and this positioning by Google in Africa is a great preparatory step for new revolution, and with the many talents available in Africa, coupled with Google’s initiative, the continent will be more than ready to take part in it.

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