How HACKLAB is Helping To Solve Unemployment in The Country


The debate about unemployment has revolved around how wide the skills gap is and the lack of job opportunities. The massive inclination of unemployed able-youth most especially graduates, should awaken policymakers and stakeholders to step up to finding a way to manage this situation.

As a result, HACKLAB Foundation set off with four experienced IT Professionals to educate tertiary students on their career paths and choices while they are still in school. The event was themed; “Starting My IT Career; The ROADMAP”


HACKLAB Foundation is a non-for-profit established in 2016 which is focused on building an army of skilled youth in technology and breeding entrepreneurs to create jobs to absorb the skills created. It is known for its annual Hackathon, HACKLAB, which brings developers, tertiary students, industry, academia and other relevant stakeholders to discuss solutions to local problems and a competition amongst the youth to design commercial solutions to problems discussed.

In the last three weeks, over 300 students have listened to and had the opportunity to interact with four (4) IT Professionals – Ransford Mensah, CEO of Certified Ghana, Nicholas Bortey, Multiple Award-winning Tech Entrepreneur and CEO of Liranz Ltd., Albert K. Seshie, Managing Partner of VinCsys Consult and Kweku Folson, IP Network and Security Engineer of Vodafone Ghana – who dedicated their time to join the train on educating students on the roadmap to starting their career in IT.



The seminar which took place both in Accra, Lancaster University Ghana and Kumasi, KNUST, unveiled to students, real life experiences and lessons learnt by the speakers while back in school and their journey through.

HACKLAB has for the past two years impacted over 1000 students while connecting them to industry players like DreamOval Ltd where students gain proper industry experience before graduating.


The Founder of HACKLAB Foundation, Foster Awintiti Akugri, believes that if everyone is put on a level playground with equal opportunities, it will massively re-orient the tides; “While back in school I realized the massive gap between students who graduate unemployed and students who get employed before graduating, and that was industry experience! So through HACKLAB, we hope to create a level platform where students, employers, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders can interact to drive economic growth by creating skills and entrepreneurs who create jobs to absorb these skills. If one trained entrepreneur creates 50 jobs, then 1000 trained entrepreneurs will create 50,000 jobs and that’s how we intend to solve unemployment in Ghana and hopefully Africa at large.”

The event was sponsored by Certified Ghana.

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