Google is everyone’s best friend, professor, counsellor just name it and Google has it. If you have a difficult assignment, just ask prof. Google; if your significant other is taunting you and you can trust anyone for advice, again just ask Counselor Google.

Each year, Google hold IO events to brief its users on new innovations the company is yet to introduce to give a better user experience. This year the long awaited Google’s IO event which was held at the amphitheater in Mountain View – California just ended and our hopes weren’t disappointed from the outcome. The good, bad and creepy innovations have been received by the public. To satisfy your craving desire to know what ensured, let’s hit the announcements CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned

Smart Compose

Gmail can now autocomplete your emails; just keep hitting the tab button. How creepy…lol

Suggested actions on Google Photos

This is for the selfie lovers. This new feature Suggested Actions would identify the faces of friends in your photo and offer to share these photos with those friends with the tap of a button. No more ‘share with me’ via Whatsapp trouble and a potential grudge for not doing so.

More on Google photos

Are you the photo filter guru but sometimes regret not keeping an original copy of your filtered photos? Google photos got you. You would soon be allowed to re-colorize your filtered photos. Also, you can directly change your photos to PDF.

Google Assistant

English language on the Africa continent is interesting; with every ethnic group doing justice to it with its own accent and adopted English words. Google Assistant has been made smarter to identify your erhmms and uhhmms not forgetting all those accents your local dialect has inculcated in you to make conversation sound more natural.

For the busy bees who may not have time to be making certain calls and booking appointments, another feature, Duplex, will soon be introduced and it is for calls on behalf of the user. African parents are popular for their disciplinary nature and Google got them covered with the Politeness feature for kids. this feature would commend kids for using words such as please and kindly in making request to Google Assistant. This would help instill discipline in children even in the absence of their parents.

Other cool stuff..

Aside the already existing ‘Do not Disturb’ and ‘Absolute Silence’ mode, a new ‘Sush’ mode was discussed. This mode is activated when you turn your phone upside down. Its not just cool but smarter now because you can receive calls from selected people in your contacts.

Should you lose your way, the Street View feature on Google maps would enable you to navigate through town using your phones camera connected to the Google maps app. All you neeed to do is to take a snapshot of your current location and then tell where you’re heading towards. Google Maps would just direct you.

For clothes lovers Style Match would enable you buy a clothing item online when you take a snapshot of it. You can also get recommendations on similar outfit available on online shops.

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