Do you remember the days, when you were young and playing games such as Four corners, Hop scotch, Hide and Seek, Ampe, Alikoto, Chaskele and Counter Football and Jack Where Are You. These games were fun to play with our childhood friends in the neighborhood.

Over the past two weeks, one of these games has been the center of attention in the media and on some streets in Accra. You could see signboards of Jack Where Are You at Kwame Nkrumah interchange and some other places in Accra.



We were all in suspense as in who is this Jack that people have been searching for. Post were in newspapers, as the search for Jack went up a notch after the search was announced. There were also adverts on some television stations as well.

The digital addressing system will ensure that “even if you live in the middle of the river Oti,” in the words of the Vice President Dr Mahamadu Bawumia during an Institutional Advancement Lecture at the University of Cape Coast in the Central Region last two weeks.

After weeks of suspense, the Digital Address System was unveiled on Wednesday October 18, 2017. This system will allow citizens to find virtually any location in Ghana through the use of a computer or mobile device.

You can download the Ghana Post GPS app here :
Apple Store For iOS

Google Play Store for Android

The Digital Address System is expected to make it easier to find locations in the country.

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