Ever wanted to know the location of boo? This app may just come in handy (though that is not the intention of the app). It’s just a creative way of using a cool app like this one.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store


I have been using this app for a while now, and I must say it’s really cool. I especially love the aesthetics of it, screen transitions and all. KloseApp basically solves the problem of location services by automatically doing all the locating for you, and more. I bet those who want to track their boos will find this “useful”.

Alright so let’s get into it.

So What is KloseApp?

First of all, KloseApp is not Google map’s competitor. It actually helps KloseApp provide better services. See KloseApp as a location sharing app you don’t have to worry about how to share it because it does it automatically with your privacy settings in mind.

How it Works

The app works by simply sharing the callers’ location with each other. You can decide who to share your location with. See photo below:

It has functionalities that focuses on it’s primal goal:

To get you closer to your friends and family

1.Getting you an Uber to your caller.
2.Predicting how the weather at the recipient is so you go prepared. Pretty cool huh.
3.And KloseSense, a feature that gives you a prediction of what the other person might have been up to when your call came in.


More and more of these functionalities are being tested to push the getting you close to your friends and family agenda. I’m guessing those boos are gonna be “truthful” to the popular question: “Where are you?”


Yes so now you can force le boo to install it too.

Download here: KloseApp


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