Now this is how to apply for a job!!


A Brooklyn based twitter user, @tamakloeee shared her desire to join the Spotify band and everyone is supporting her. In the late hours of Sunday, 3rd September, 2017, Francine shared what was meant to be a brief resume of her and captioned is ‘her first audition’.


Attached to the tweet was a link to a beautifully designed website she had developed specifically for this job hunt. Using a powerful storytelling strategy to sell herself, Francine opens her ‘resume’ with her interest in music since she was 12. Check out the site for yourself;

The tweet garnered endless retweets, and as at the time of publishing this it had 2229 RTs and 5814 likes. Other twitter users showed their support.

We’re not too sure of her cultural roots, but if her name is anything to go by then ‘Tamakloe’ could be one of our very own super creative Ghanaian sisters.  We wish her the best. We’re going to follow up and see what comes out of this.


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