If you’ve ever transacted mobile money, you know that finding an empathetic agent who would get your transaction done easily is quite a tedious task. It is also strenuous getting every nook and cranny of your money transacted especially if the vendor has little money in his mobile money wallet.

Now, thanks to MTN, Ghana’s largest telecommunication giant, your MTN Self-service Kiosk can manage the entire job of transacting money in a jiffy. Let’s clear the air first, as against the supposed name of the module branded as an ATM on social media, it is a Self-service Kiosk.

MTN Ghana will soon be launching a new set of Self-service Kiosk that will enable you to easily withdraw and deposit money on your mobile money account, register and change your SIM card and top-up.

The pictures of the supposed Self-service Kiosks have inundated the Social media space and everyone seems excited about this new innovation especially when some vendors always love to take money for deposits when MTN has said that deposits are free.

Effect of digitization on stakeholders

This is definitely a great one for the travelers. You don’t have to worry about what time of the day it is and what city you’re in, the Self-service Kiosk connects you automatically with your money. In addition, the charges are still the same and it promises to create convenience for customers because customers wouldn’t have to battle with the wahala of mobile money vendors’.

When this new module is introduced, customers will not necessarily have to visit mobile money vendors to transact business.

In view of this development, although major stakeholders like, the vendors will lose revenue if these Self-service Kiosks are introduced unto the market, “it is a long-term effect since the Self-Service Kiosk would be quite few due to its expensive nature. The ATM may only be available at certain public areas like the mall and filling stations” explained a source for MTN Ghana.

“The Self-service Kiosk is very safe,” he said “customers would have to ‘allow cash out’ on their phones and other safety measure like PIN would be requested before access to the machine”. It is then up to the customer to keep the PIN secret.

The company must, however, endeavor to make the system more user-friendly to make it easier to use for the large adult illiterate mobile money users who are about 4.5 million.1Technology is after your job; way forward

Public focus returns to the evils of automation whenever a new technology is introduced. While there may be some short-term job loss at the hands of automation, the vacuum will ultimately fill in over time.

For the vacuum to be filled over time, human resource training must be altered to fit for purpose. These new technologies would only eliminate old jobs and introduce new ones hence human resource development must tune to the beat of the moment and provide tech-oriented training.

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