I use a lot of Apps. And I mean a LOT. Find a screenshot of all the apps on my phone at end of the post. It’s a pretty photo 🙂 I’m not going to talk about all of them. Just the ones I use on a daily basis. Everyone knows that I’m an avid Android user. I just love everything about Android. Any Android person will tell you it’s easier to use, you get more apps, it’s easy to tweak and all that. But my reasons for using Android go beyond that:

  • Open-source
  • Easy to root (gain admin privileges on the device;  more on rooting later)
  • Plethora of app available from the Google Play Store
  • Ton of free apps
  • Flexibility in terms of tweaking
  • The list goes on and on

Today I’ll be sharing with you some of my daily driver apps. I do not go a day without using any of these apps. It helps me to accomplish my tasks easily and productively. By the way, this is not a shot at iOS users in any way. Many times I’ve been tempted to go in for an iPhone, but I’ve just not gotten a very BIG reason to. Maybe I’ll have a change of heart someday.

Typically, the apps shown below are those that I use very frequently. Hence I just had to get them on the homescreen to make them easily accessible.

My Home Screen

Alright so let’s right into it. The apps listed are not in an particular order of interest by the way:

Messaging/Social App(s)

Telegram: Yes. I know this may come as a shock to many of you. You may be wondering why not WhatsApp? My question is “Why not Telegram?” lol. Anyway so Telegram is a big deal when it comes to messaging apps. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the popularity that WhatsApp is enjoying. Nevertheless, it’s a great app you should check out. Unfortunately for me, most of my friends are not on it so I tend to use it for chatting business associates. That way I know that all messages coming through Telegram are business related.

Ok so let me point out some key cool features of this cool app ?

  • Send secret self-destructing messages:

Now how does that sound? You can actually create a secret chat with anyone. And on top of that, you set a timer for when the messages to expire. Upon expiration, the messages get deleted. Pretty cool and sleek huh. Let’s see WhatsApp try to mimic this too (They have been doing this since….) You can download Telegram for

Android | iOS | Windows

Telegram Secret Chat
Telegram Secret Chat
  • Last Seen as You Want it:  WhatsApp does not allow you to choose whether or not you want people to see when you were last online, however you can’t be selective with the people who see it. With Telegram, you can easily choose who sees the last time you were connected.To do this, go to Options > Privacy and Security > Last Seen and adjust the “Add exceptions” option accordingly.
  • Ability to lock your chats: Yes you read that right. You simply lock your chats from prying eyes without any third party app. It’s built right into Telegram. Now tell me that is not awesome.
  • Send and Receive large files: This is one key area where I love Telegram for; the ability to send large files of any size. This is where WhatsApp is lacking in the most. Maybe in the near future we’ll see more of this.

Ok I’ll end my rant about Telegram here. The cool features are so many I can’t go through all of them in one post. I’m gonna have to create a separate post and vividly compare Telegram to WhatsApp. Let me know in the comments section if you would like to see such a comparison done between the two apps.

Other Messaging/Social Apps

  • OGInsta+ : This app is a modded version of the official Instagram app. It does all that the official app does, with some extras. With this app, you are able to download photos and videos from your Instagram timeline. That’s a pretty neat feature. Cos sometimes you just want to save a copy of that awesome photo. You can download from here: Download OGInsta+
  • Parallel Space: With this app, you are able to create duplicates of any app on your phone. So for instance, you can have two WhatsApp accounts on one device. I use that to run two accounts on my phone. It’s prety easy to set up once you get it installed. Download Parallel Space from the Play Store
  • WhatsApp: Need I say more? ?

Productivity Apps

This is a category of apps that helps me to be productive in my daily dealings.

Google Keep : Love keeping notes as you run through the day? Keep will be the best option for that. Plus, it’s from Google so you know it’s good.

BlueMail: Email junky? Check out Bluemail. Best email app for Android in my opinion. Ever since I discovered this app, I had to ditch the Gmail app. Sorry Google, this time someone beat you at your own game. It happens ?

WordPress: Well how else am I supposed to blog while on the go? Here’s where the WordPress app comes in handy. I’m able to post new articles anywhere I am. No need to wait till I get to the PC first. Any blogger will understand this handy app better. It’s a life saver!

Slack: Working on a group project? Need to appear professional (cos you gotta), then Slack is you go to option, aside Asana. Slacks helps you keep all those work related conversation under one hood: send files, share documents, mail, etc. Slack is a SAAS (Software-As-A-Service). For maximum productivity, I’ll recommend this any manager. It’s surely going to help you keep everything professional; the way it’s supposed to be.


Financial Apps

Blockchain: Fan of Bitcoin? This app helps you manage your Bitcoin wallet using one secure location. Blockchain is one of the best Bitcoin wallets on the market today. And their app simply makes things even easier for everyone.

Mazzuma: New name? Yeah I know. Mazumma is a payment platform that serves a middleman between all your mobile money transactions. See it as an app for monitoring all your mobile money transactions. For web developers, it’s a very easy alternative to receiving payments on your sites. So far it’s the easiest platform for integrating online payments into your app/website. The transactions land straight into your mobile money wallet. No need for third parties that charge exorbitant fees.

expressPay: Tired of buying airtime and scratching always? Tired of always having to withdraw money from your mobile wallet before depositing at the bank? Tired of not being able to send airtime to friends on other networks? This service/app does justice to all these otherwise problems. Plus transactions are pretty fast! I’m now wondering if that is the reason why they called is expressPay ?

Currency: Need to know the current rates for foreign currencies? Then this is your go-to app.

Gratis: Gratis (now Hubtel) does the same work as expresspay, only in a “better” way. It allows you to use USSD codes so you are not stuck with needing internet connection anytime you want to make purchases. Cool huh?

MPower: I’m gonna be frank here. I use MPower for just one reason: receiving funds from my PayPal account. (By the way, you can shoot me email (me@adjeikofi.com) if you need a PayPal account. It takes just 20 minutes to get yours). Slydepay also does what MPower does, for the most part except for the PayPal option. So if you were wondering how to withdraw funds from your PayPal account, then I’ll recommend MPower.



Yes I also play games. All work and no play huh…

Mekorama: Best 3D game in my opinion. You get to help a tiny robot navigate his way round structures while being interactive with the game environment: rotate, move and swing objects around. The cool part is you can build your own levels! Try Mekorama today.

QuizUp: Oh boy I love quizzes. Quizzes anyone? Let’s meet up on QuizUp. My username is geniusboy7. We’ll settle matters there. Topics range from anything you can think of to anything you can think. Yep, that’s how broad the options are: Android, iOS, Books and History, Series and even Game of Thrones. Can you imagine? ?

7×7: A puzzle game. Colourful blocks need to be moved around to form three or more structures. You get the idea.

2048 Hex: Feel like crunching some numbers? Let 2048 Hex make it fun while doing it. This game is a bit tricky. Comment below your high score let’s see who aces it.

So here is where I end my plenty rant about some of the cool apps I use. Did I miss any app? Do you want me to include certain apps in the list? Just name it in the comment section below. I really want to know what kind of apps you use as well.

Oh and before I forget, let me drop a screenshot of all the apps on my phone here. You’ll have to zoom in to see all of it. Or better still download and view on your device.


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