Battle of “Flagships”?

Wondering why I’m staking HMD’s flagship device (Nokia 8) against Infinix Note 2 (X600)? Hey don’t be. HMD pulled up its flagship so strong based on the number one fact that, Nokia 8 boasts of a one in a million feature not found in any other device and I’.m here to pull that crap anyway because, Infinix though a Chinese subsidiary of Transsion Holdings which targets the African mobile market and few of Middle East, holds an incredible specs and features that most bloggers and user might have turned a blind eye to.

The whole comparison will be based on the “bofie” (front and back camera shoot) that HMD Global boasts that its first flagship device holds.


Infinix Note 2

The Infinix Note 2 – Unboxing


I chanced on my Infinix X600 model to have some fun with the camera and what I experienced as compared to the camera most talked about camera feature Nokia 8 holds, is no news to boast about. Note 2, though not a flagship device but a mid-range device that preceded the Infinix Hot Note in 2015 with a whole new ball game together and exciting features.

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Nokia 8

Nokia 8

Nokia 8 on the other hand is indeed a true flagship device with great specs including dual cameras (color and monochrome) which taken really powerful shots both in daylight or at night and notwithstanding the superb selfie camera of 16MP (Mega Pixels) which takes photography to a whole new level. It prides itself with this distinct feature that perhaps, to the knowledge of HMD, no other device in its caliber holds and thus, its ability to use both the selfie and wefie cameras simultaneously; meaning your screen will be in two divisions where you can see happenings and capture moments with either cameras same time either in still or motion (pictures or video) modes. Except for the fact that, Nokia 8 shots or videos are of a higher quality as compared to Infinix Note 2 (X600) but hey, that isn’t my priority now but rather the bofie feature Nokia 8 prides to shield.

The Comparison

Ready to go boom? Infinix Note 2 also features some strikingly camera feature worth the talk about and as said earlier, this feature also allows for bofie where I was able to use both my front and rear cameras to take pictures and video simultaneously with no strings attached. Wondering how:

  • Launch your default camera app of Infinix X600 if you have one.
  • Click on the menu tab beside the video icon to launch the camera modes available.
  • Swipe to your left and tap on “PIP mode” for “bofie” shots or video.
  • You could have a view of your front and rear views and can switch from stills to video and still have both cameras working perfectly



This feature upon researches seems to be an old feature and don’t see the fact that most Nokia fans, especially are enthused with this development. Perhaps, it is the first of its kind on Nokia devices after the new takeover by HMD Global about ten months ago. All the same, Nokia 8 is of a much better essence and a hot device if I may say and really affordable for its price tag of US$ 600+. Likewise, Infinix Note is outmoded though was a powerful device and still is, life will be much, much better with 2017 Infinix Note 4 & Note 4 Pro that is far better than being called a smart device. Grab for yourself one now and “take charge…” #Nokia8 #InfinixNote2


Article by: Joel Arthur

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