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It was all fun and exciting at the first ever Accra Product Hunt. The event was held at the premises of MEST (Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology). The event brought together young entrepreneurs from all over the region. Some startups were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas/businesses to the audience. This helped them to get a fair idea on how the users and potential customers of their products would otherwise welcome them.

I met a few amazing people at the event; and yes we took lots of selfies ? I’ll talk about a few of them here – the startups. I met one particular guy who worked on the famous Anas’ website. For such a reputation, you would think such a person would also be in “hiding”; but not this one ?

Upcoming Startups

WendoSpace – Motions As Real As You

Wendospace provides independent animators and animation studios with on-demand, unique realistic motions captured from real life actors for their projects. The founder is Gbosaman ( Website:

Wendospace aims to help independent animators to process their work faster without using too much resource (PCs and rendering softwares). He explained that the service will help an animator point a camera (a special type) at say, an actor, have them perform an act like dancing, and then have the camera capture the movements. It’s like a mini Holywood studio stunt if you ask me. The demonstration was awesome as well. So in short, you can capture yourself and turn yourself into a cartoon performing any act you want. Awesome!

The project is under construction will launch later this year. You can visit the official site at for updates on the project.

Veggies Market Gh

Love fruits and vegetables? I bet you do. Veggies Market Gh makes getting your favourite fruits and vegetables a breeze. Simply order from the website on your phone or PC and order. Mangoes, apples, tomatoes, green pepper, etc are available. Once you order, your order is processed, packaged and delivered to you within an hour.

All the products are fresh and wholesome. The products are carefully sorted to make sure that only quality items are delivered to you. Deliveries are available on weekdays and Saturdays. They have agents in most areas within Accra hence there is always someone available in your area to get your products to you quick.

Veggies Market will launch in July 2017, so you can prepare for the launch date. Watch this space. Visit the website at

Proxee Pay

This is one of the interesting apps I liked. It’s still under construction according to founder Oyinloye Ayodeji. The app connects mobile money users in an area, so they can contact each other to transact business. It will eliminate the third party mobile money merchants and will allow for users to interact directly with each. More like a peer-to-peer for mobile money. Cool huh?

ProxeePay gives you fast access to cash anytime and anywhere by leveraging on the vast network of mobile money users with smartphone.We literally are your mobile ATMs as long as you have a mobile money account. – Founder, Oyinloye Ayodeji

This is a pretty cool product if you ask me. Let’s just hope it delivers as said, because it will make mobile money transactions quite simple now.

You can still download the app and play around it. But do note that is an unreleased version: Google Play download link: Download Here


Crispy Test

Usability testing is very essential for any product launch. Before you launch any product or service finally, it’s always advisable to get feedback from your potential users. This helps you in your testing, and also to ensure that the final products satisfies your users at least 90%.

This is exactly what Crispy Test is in for – to help you test your app/product or service by connecting you to actual real users who will provide feedback regarding your product. This way you get quality feedback aid you in finalising your app/service.

Crispy Test will launch soon to provide to this service to the general public. In the meantime, you can register on their website to get updates on the launch date and updates from the team: Visit project launch page to register as a tester.  Alternatively, you fill this Google form to register and become an official tester as well. Follow this link to join their survey, aiming to understand the market and industry generally.

AF Radio

Fan of online radio? I know I am. This is where AF Radio comes. It’s a cool radio app you’ll love instantly. I’ve been using it myself for some time now.

AF Radio lets you listen to and discover the best radio shows in Ghana.

Listen to radio shows LIVE 
With AF Radio, you can stream Ghanaian radio shows LIVE from anywhere in the world! Listen to your favourite Ghanaian FM radio, AM radio, or internet radio for free.

Missed a show? Play it back on demand!
When you miss your favourite radio show, you can immediately listen to a recording on AF Radio! AF Radio is the only app in the Google Play Store that allows listeners to play back African radio shows immediately after they air.

Find out as soon as a show goes LIVE 
Subscribe to shows to get notified as soon as on air.

Join the online conversation 
What’s better than radio? Seeing all the online chatter around the show! See a stream of real-time tweets about each episode and jump into the conversation right from the app.

Enjoy over 60 of the best Ghanaian radio shows from over 40 stations with AF Radio, Ghana’s favourite social radio app!

Download from Google Play Store


Other products were showcased at the event but these are the few ones that presented on stage and with ready-to-test sites/resources. And yes there was refreshment, just so you know. Don’t miss the next one. Ok so I promised some selfies…..

Photos from Event – Click on image to expand

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