I have seen many, heard a lot yet this is much more than what I ever thought it will be.  I chanced on this wonderful web app called Wakelet, which I call it the versatile app you ever dream it of having. I am going to discuss the features this app has in box for users including its pros and cons.

Wakelet is a multi-purpose web app that is coupled with so many features that will really wow you. Helps you have fun while keeping notes and so much more features like personalization, multi-account management, SMS & chats, followers & following, portfolio uploads, social media shares,  save, upload and share links. Actually works on all smart devices be it: smartphones, phablets, tablets, laptop and desktop PCs. Let’s quickly have a look at each feature one after the other.



The very way to have fun is to be able to customize to suit your taste and Wakelet offers you exactly that. Possess a very distinct User Interface (UI) that helps any users to easily maneuver round the site without messing round. I was really stunned upon visiting the site for the first time clothed in white and blue colors outdooring its charm to easily win you over even with simple naming of tabs once signed up on the site. I also tried my hands on its mobile app and they were synonymous with each other. Want to add profile picture as well cover picture, status and even usernames, Wakelet says yea to much more fun. Style up your profile with so much ease plus the ability to follow and be followed; plus carve for yourself, a username that your followers can easily find you with.


Multi-account Management

Enjoy Wakelet with your brand too with the multi-account management feature as found on Twitter, Instagram, and others you can ever lay hands on. Don’t limit yourself, open up to the other aspects of your world and have fun while organizing and saving links, write-ups, portfolios, and more. Switch between accounts easily whether on the mobile app or web app. Sign in or up with your e-mail or with any social media platform you are signed in to just like other apps does.


How Distinct Is Wakelet

Above all the interesting features as pointed above that comes with the app, the most and best aspect of Wakelet is the ability to orderly help organize your stuffs, save & upload links and researches and/or notes from other sites for you without you necessarily visiting those sites to read through your bookmarks. All you need and love is kept at a safer place for your reach anytime and anywhere that you may need them without any hustles. Upload your portfolio and share them with your groups or invite friends to have a view or glance of them. Create new wakes (items), add background and cover images plus descriptions or statuses to appeal your viewers or followers.

After a while with both the mobile and web app of Wakelet, I describe this product in a simple formulae: FUN + STUDIES + BUSINESS + MORE = WAKELET.










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