As usual, this is not your normal sci-fi :). What would you call a short piece of #Sci-fi that speaks against social issues? You decide! Enjoy the read.

19th December, 2097. History Class. Barracks, Accra-Ghana

Suppose there were some neuroscientific machine that pumps into your head everything the internet knows, would you like that? Of course, you would! You’re obviously still living in the past where you drool over this kind of technology that has become so archaic? Old? Ancient? Eyindodo? I bet you don’t know the last word. That’s how we say ‘old’ now.

Let me guess, you dream of time travelling and back? Dude, really? Really? Snapping your fingers for wormholes to appear and disappear is the new thing now. We don’t even time travel; call this eternity.

Past eternity. Present eternity. Future eternity. Weird, huh?

Why am I talking to you anyways? Can we telepathize, I’ve got something to tell you. Wait, screw that! You have no idea of what that is either? Yeah, right.

Well, I’ll just tell you anyways. I mentally stepped into past eternity and I saw a rotsecna. Anagrams, man, anagrams! The new language! Anyway, his blood cries out from the other side for justice.

‘Stupid bags of flesh! Murderers!’ Whoever attacks an unarmed soldier?’

Do me a favour, would you? Publish these words on those pages that feed on internet data. What do you call them?

‘Websites’; I said, speaking for the very first time.

Funny name. What do you even need them for? Neuro-scientific mental pumps are the new deal. 2018 must be such a boring age to live in.

Well, tell those who stoned and killed my man that, the skies are bound to turn red and the moon black. People will disappear and everything will crumble to dust. All those who shed blood of my ancestor are doomed to appear before The Seat. Call that judgement.

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