Into The Future


Artificial intelligence and creativity are two extremes and technology is by no means a middle man. Somewhere in 2017, technology promised it was going to take over. It is the year 2037 and clearly, technology did not mince words. However, there is something tech has failed woefully at; using robots to replace creative writers. I am therefore content with my work as a creative writer in these times and someday, I’d travel back in time and appear in November, 2017.

Mother has lots of machines to help her with lunch, and after we have eaten our fill, the dining-table like sinking sand, swallows up the dirty dishes and activates its internal dishwashing system.

 I leave the dining area for my monitor room. It’s been a while I saw laptops or even cellphones. Now, all I do is swipe on any item in the room and wait for a ‘home’ screen to appear. A video call is incoming on the fridge, it is Daniel.


Futuristic City
Futuristic City

“Nana, I tried reaching you but obviously you were mentally distracted. Meet me downstairs.” Daniel loves telepathy, I don’t. It’s a lot of hard work and focus. I signal for my slippers, they crawl from under the bed and hug my feet. I imagine meeting Daniel downstairs and in a few seconds, my body is physically present there.

“You took long to come”

“Dan, I can’t determine speed in teleportation. You’ve got to teach me that sometime.”

“For 5 bitcoins?”

“Come on, I don’t have that much. It’s not like I can keep cryptocurrency in my pocket.”

Daniel looks at me and says nothing. He’s obviously communicating with another person— telepathy.

“Fire”, he finally speaks up.

“Where?” I nervously ask.

“At home. I just spoke to Dad. He was trying to communicate to Mr AI to light up the stove. He must have made errors in the lines of code.

I knew AI, he was a robot and his full name was Artificial Intelligence. Daniel’s dad was still getting used to our kind of technology, he was born in 1978. In the next minute, we are at Daniel’s house, kind courtesy, the speed teleporter Daniel. I grab the sonic extinguisher and locate the fire using my omniscient glasses.  I direct the extinguisher at the flames and in less than 30 seconds, the fire is out.

AI is coming towards me. I presume he’s coming to say ‘thank you’ in that garbled language of his I don’t understand. Instead, he takes me by arm and pulls me to his innovation room. The thing about AI is that he has super-invention abilities thus he’s able to create any machine using his glass-metallic body parts. Maybe, it is a robot’s way of reproduction.

“Cling, Clang”

AI is creating something big. It is made of glass. Daniel walks in, he hasn’t seen AI this busy before.

“Emit enihcam”, AI says in his robotic language

“It’s a time machine, Nana. AI speaks in anagrams. I know you are dying to go back to a certain time. This machine is all yours.”

I squeal in delight, step into the time machine and punch the date ‘Saturday, 4th November, 2017’

Have I arrived? Only you can tell.





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