Sellie is another premium buying/selling websites tailored for students on campuses. The service helps students on the various campuses get products to buy or sell easily without all the stress of going to look for them outside of campus.

Find products ranging from smartphones, laptops, headets and many other electronic products on Sellie

Here’s what the founder and CEO has to say about the service:

“An ecommerce community where students all over the world sell and buy items online. Students post ads and browse ads to make purchases. We enforce trust, security and usability with our users as we provide the most convenient use of an online marketplace at high efficiency.

We at Sellie believe you, our users, are our most important asset and hence we provide best of quality services giving you the best satisfaction.

We seek to provide a secure online community where students all over the world will buy and sell freely enjoying the best service there is.

We are located at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.

With over 10 users prior to our launch, we have provided our cherished users the best of our service meeting their top satisfaction. Our users are our royalty.

Join the Community now. Become royalty.”

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