Sometimes we would like to have the convenience of accessing some apps without pulling out our big slabs of phones. In view of this, some people own a ‘yam-phone’ and a smartphone; switching between the two for convenience. For minimizing, one may opt for a ‘yam-phone’ but it is an indisputable fact that yesterday’s technologies is often a poor match for today’s needs even if you could easily afford any phone on the market.

For non-Ghanaians, a ‘yam-phone’ is a jargon for a feature phone.

The thought provoking question is, ‘is there a device that strikes the perfect balance between our legendary ‘yam-phone’ and a smartphone?’
Approaches to remedying this need includes a smaller smartphone, one better described as a minimalist phone. What comes to mind when I say a minimalist phone? Is your first idea a smartphone or the ‘yam-phone’? Well, it is none of the above.
A number of companies have introduced phones that offer a variety of functionality beyond the call, but are designed for when one wants to take a break from the bulk of a full smartphone experience.
Do you want to access certain apps on you smartphone yet avoid the distractions technology brings to our daily lives? Below are a number of minimalistic phones made just for your needs.


The jelly kick starter campaign aims at bringing the world’s smallest 4G phones into your hands. The tiny device allows you to call, text, access the internet, snap pictures and videos, access a 4G network and gives you a longer battery life of 3 working days.


The light phone really understands what we’re getting at. While giving you comfort, you needn’t break your account for this since they’re quite cheap. It is a credit-card sized phone with its most appealing feature being its design and its ability to connect to the SIM-card of your smartphone. However, this technology does not allow for texting.


KaiOS is a Linux based operating system that merges the power of a smartphone with the affordability of a feature phone. Aside its basic calling and texting functionalities, it supports 4G LTE, GPS and Wi-fi.

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