TAN Network is Grooming The Next Generation of Tech Talents in Ghana From Deprived Communities

Tech Advocacy Network
Tech Advocacy Network – Training session

Software is becoming a critical layer of all our lives. It is the language of our world. In the future, not knowing the language of computers will be as challenging as being illiterate or unemployed are today. Every job in the future will not involve programming, but it is still crucial that every child learns to code.

Tech Advocacy Network is a non-profit IT training and empowering center established with a selfless vision to help individuals within the deprived communities of Ghana get access to technology. The Center is located in Dominase, a local community in the Central region of Ghana.

The center, founded by Nana Safo in 2016 through Mobile Web Ghana following the Unlocked Women and Technology program organized by the iSpace foundation.
Tech Advocacy Network was established to help deprived individuals be abreast with the evolution of technology, its impact in our everyday activities and various opportunities that exist within its ecosystem.The Organizations seeks to provide a basis for making useful computer and tech-related training interventions within the remote areas of the Country.

Contributing to tech training has long been one of the main concerns of Tech Advocacy Network. Training these individuals is one of the core objectives of our establishment in the rural locality. After the program people, our trainees will have the maximum skills and experience to approach higher Tech training and the discipline will offer many benefits and perspectives to help resolve basic problems through the use of technology.


Currently, their facility is providing 80% practical IT to these individuals as compared to that of their academic calendar. We are making things happen by eliminating the fear and negative perceptions these individuals had earlier.
Still counting, the startup has trained over 30 interested individuals, residence within and around the area of operation.

As a startup, their greatest achievement so far is seeing people like, appreciate and wishing for a continuous support for our services rendered to them or others.
Born from a vibrant community like iSpace, TAN will leapfrog to its maximum against most competitions.

Their competitors may have all it takes when it comes to the funding, resources and advanced courses and program yet the #1 identity setting TAN apart is the making of tech more accessible to these deprived individuals.


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