For over the past 50 years till date, women have made tremendous contributions in education, as
business, law, and medicine and many other fields that move our world today such that in the
historically male dominated fields they have made impressive gains. Aside all these interesting facts,
there still lies an important area which seems more crucial. In science, technology, engineering, and
mathematics (STEM women’s progress has been slower, especially in engineering, computer science,
and physics. Yet their impacts in the other areas can equally be felt in these STEM fields.
Making reference to several articles and peer-reviewed research on this issue, it’s of great proof that
there are some very obvious factors that contribute to this disparity of wide gender gap in STEM fields.
The environment has a great portion of these factors with the college environment being a more
powerful influencer. Also, the common unconscious biases of society with women in STEM tends to be a
great obstacle to their success in STEM.

The STEM area has often been considered as evidence of biologically driven gender differences in
abilities and interests creating this classical idea that men “naturally” stand out in mathematically
demanding disciplines, whereas women “naturally” excel in areas that are language skills focused.
However, the recent achievements made by females in STEM is so stunning that it proves the
importance of culture and learning environments in the cultivation of abilities and interests.
In order to diversify the STEM fields, Team Techova chooses to a critical look at the stereotypes and
biases that still pervade our culture. The event seeks to:
• Expose girls to successful female role models in STEM.
• Teach girls that intellectual skills, including STEM skills, grow over time.
• Encourage and help girls to develop their spatial skills.
• Help girls recognize their career-relevant skills.
• Teach and support girls to code and solve problems in society using technology.


Team Techova is a group of youths whose aim is to expose our upcoming generation to
opportunities in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) mostly by organizing
summits, conferences and workshops and bringing onboard influential people who have made it in
these areas to share their experience and speak on pressing issues which are becoming a challenge
in the lives of the youth in general.
This year, as our first event, we decided to organize a two day girls summit/workshop dubbed
“TECHOVA GIRLS SUMMIT: Unleashing the feminine STEM power” to tackle the issue of the wide
gender gap in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Our aim is to create the
awareness of the vast opportunities in STEM for our girls and empower them to pursue more
challenging STEM careers and occupations and also maintain a positive and exemplary lifestyle.
This year’s summit will be a joint effort with the Soronko Solution, Tech-Era Ghana, Developers In
Vogue and some other hopeful sponsors and partners.
The summit deliberations will be on the following themes:
1. Unleashing the feminine STEM power.
2. Having a transformed mindset towards opportunities in STEM.
3. The girl, her moral life, relationship and career.


These Topics Will Be Discussed With The Speakers In A Panel Session

Expected speakers at the summit are:
• Mrs. Regina Honu, Founder and CEO of Soronko
• Ivy Barley – Co-Founder, Developers In Vogue, and a Women in STEM advocate.
• Alice Mamaga – Digital Social Entrepreneur Founder / Director at Autism Ambassadors Ghana.
• Alima Bawah – Queens’s Young Leader, Co- Founder of COWTRIBE. (A mobile based technology
enabling access to animal health services for farmers).
• Nicholas Bortey – CEO of Liranz
• Sarah Kyeremeh – Founder of TEACHGHANA.

The event is segmented into very interesting sessions with the two major sessions being the Girl Talk
Motivational Session and the second being the Coding workshop where the girls will be given 2 – 3
hours of coding tutorials by a team from the Soronko Academy.
There will be a hackathon challenge on the final day of the event, where the girls will be given the
opportunity to use the coding and critical thinking knowledge and skills they have acquired to solve
a given problem and pitch their solutions to a panel of judges to be judged and awards will be given
to the winning teams afterwards. Certificates will also be awarded to the participants after the


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