I am Joel Arthur, a very passionate Tech Blogger or better still a product reviewer. I have been an ardent follower of Transsion Holdings’ of its biggest assets; TECNO Mobile after hitting Africa in 2013. The company has proved undoubtedly working so hard to be Africa’s leading OEM overtaken the prestigious and the current world’s largest smartphone selling company; Samsung Electronics, a Korean brand in 2015.

Techno Spark


Yes indeed, TECNO Mobile has really worked and keeps working to satisfy all consumers according to their preferences which brings me to the music or sound lovers series introduced into the African market two years ago. The BOOM series upon its first introduction to lovers like myself has been the best thing ever happened to us with its extremely great sounds it produced both with the device’s speakers and ear buds that came with it. The Boom J7 and later the mini-sound device (as I will call it, not mini in sound quality but mini in size and specs like screen, memory and speed). Funs trooped in to MobileZone and other wholesale and retail stores to make purchases.

2016 model brought music to a whole new level with upped specs like a bigger and better display, twice faster CPU, better camera, doubled RAM, a whole new design feel and materials for the making of the device and more. One whole new thing the company bundled the device with is the BOOM Headphone which was sold together with the device at a very competitive price of about GHS 470 – GHS 550 depending on the store in which you make purchases. Gamers, music or sound lovers and even some couple average users joined the craze.


Tecno Spark


Along all those years, the company has been releasing those devices between July and August making way for the month of its flagship releases: September. For this year (2017), everything is in disorder and the OEM in silence about the boom series. Others claim to say it is in the pipeline yet I see a new trend. Though the company is in silence about the BOOM line of devices, they are loud with the SPARK series which have really been trending with shortage at some of the elite phone dealers in the country and still counting. I see the new Spark line as the predecessors of the Boom series and there factors proves my claim:

  • The Boom series was and had greatly been advertised focused on its sound quality the device boosts of, much more than other features like the camera, processing speed and battery life; and considering the video ads placed on the new Spark range of devices, it is of no difference.
  • Naming of devices by OEMs like TECNO Mobile is one of their priorities and a quick throwback at the Y-series then, saw, TECNO Y: 2,3,4,5 & 6, then, to continue producing an entry level devices for funs of that series, the introduced a new line which shares same functionalities, features and specs like the Y-series and renamed it to be “W-series” seeing lights of: TECNO W2, 3/3 LTE, 4, 5/5LTE and more. Likewise the BOOM series replacing the SPARK with no doubts.
  • Finally, the SPARK series was announced and released for the market at the same period of the release of the BOOM series annually and not forgetting the new trend of the company which started with the Phantom series coming pairs with the naming: Phantom 6 and 6 Plus; and no wonder the Spark follow sue with Spark and Spark Plus.


Techno Spark


I have no doubts for the silence of the company on the future of the BOOM series and can proudly say, the SPARK series is bae (before anything else).



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