The Ghanaian Fashion Industry has seen a lot of changes since the early 2000’s. At the start of 2000’s, the production of African prints and promotion of new products through fashion shows started to boost the industry as it took precedence over other industries.

Back in 2004, The Government introduced ‘A National Friday Wear”, which was a means to encourage citizens to dress in local attire. It was a domesticated marketing strategy designed by the Government to rejuvenate the Ghanaian textile industry as well as promote made-in-Ghana goods. This strategy had a butterfly effect and saw the birth of a lot of Fashion startups and also led to an increase in the number of students applying to study fashion design at the tertiary level because of the swell in demand for local textiles. Fast Forward to today, all of the popular shopping malls in Accra are filled with shops with African fabrics, and damn, they are a delight to watch.


Dapper Afrique
Dapper Afrique



Dapper Afrique is a Ghanaian based fashion brand that aims to satisfy the style needs of the individuals who are looking for bespoke Afrocentric ties and accessories that will complement their outfits. At Dapper Afrique, our objective is to fuse the contemporary with African culture in our custom made ties and accessories. Founded in January 2015, by  Deborah Dzathor and Joseph Dzathor, this Afrocentric brand was established to encourage more people to dress stylishly whilst embracing a rich African heritage.


We pride ourselves on creating authentic African pieces, therefore, we source a majority of raw materials from Africa thereby generating revenue for the Ghanaian economy and creating jobs for the artisans in the informal sector. Promoting the African Culture on the continent and beyond is at the heartbeat of Dapper Afrique

We also empower women who have never had the opportunity to get a formal education and a regular income to earn a living and to cater for themselves and their families.

Our greatest achievement so far as a startup was when we were featured in Accra Fashion Week in October 2017. This milestone gave us the encouragement to do more this year.

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Dapper Afrique intends to promote their online sales platform through the aggressive internet and social media campaigns, Local TV and Radio advertising. This expansion will enable Dapper Affrique to realize substantial sales growth over the next five year so that it can achieve specific financial objectives.

This brand has is set for a pivotal year in its history in 2018.

We will bring you updates on every chapter of their journey

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