Here’s The Global  Tech Roundup From Last Week 

World’s Most Powerful Rocket to be launched by December 29th


SpaceX, the company that aims at revolutionizing space technology, has been launching and landing its Falcon 9 rocket so frequently that it no longer makes the headlines.

However the world is yet to experience the Falcon Heavy, which Musk says will be “the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two.”

Sporting three boosters with nine engines each, the Falcon Heavy will have twice the thrust of the next largest rocket at lift-off — equal to about eighteen 747 aircraft — and space enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its maiden mission.

 29th December is the date!


Bitcoin hits $7000….and surges on!

 For the first time, the cryptocurrency broke $7,000 per coin.

The price reached a high of $7,140 on popular exchange Coinbase, a whooping nine percent plus over the weekend. It has since dropped to $7,075.

That last month saw Bitcoin hit $5000 as it steadily increased over time. Obviously, naysayers are not too excited about the news.

Bitcoin hit the $1,000 mark on January 1 which led to a predicted record of $1,216.7 (set in 2013) over the next 12 months. But here we are, jaws open as odds have been defied.


Say goodbye to blurred images.


Ever been in a situation where the only picture you took with a particular celebrity in the rush of time got blurred? Yes, I too can relate.  Fortunately, a team of computer scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Germany are working on the problem — and they’ve come up with a pretty nifty algorithm to address it.

According to digital, a tool called “EnhanceNet-PAT” which uses artificial intelligence to create high-definition versions of low-res images has been developed. While the solution is not a miracle fix, it does produce a noticeably better result than previous attempts, thanks to some smart machine-learning algorithms.

Look sharp, repair those blurred selfies.


Apple is aiming for “trillionaire stage” and we’re not in the least surprised.


Apple is doing a pretty good job of setting the stage as to whether it can make its case to Wall Street that it can be a $1 trillion company.

Undoubtedly, the future of the company largely depends on the success of the iPhone — and, in particular, the iPhone X.

Apple shares once again rose on Friday, up more than 3% and setting the company at a market cap of $842 billion. $160 billion is a lot of ground to gain, but for Apple, that actually seems possible given the expansion it’s made into new products that aim to tie together a network of devices running on Apple’s ecosystem.


For the first time, Tesla’s electric car has some real competition.


Tesla has dominated the electric vehicles scene more than any other car manufacturer in the U.S. However the Chevy Bolt is completely changing the story. 

The Bolt topped electric vehicle sales in October, selling over twice as many cars as the Tesla Model S, according to Inside Evs. The numbers show 2,781 Bolts sold, followed by the Toyota Prius Prime with 1,626 cars sold. The Model S came in fourth place, with 1,120 vehicles driven off the lot (although taking into account all three Tesla cars, the company sold 2,115 vehicles).


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