The most anticipated phone of the year is scheduled to be released on September 12th. Rumors surrounding the phone has already whet appetites and people can’t wait to get a hold of them.

People are willing to swap their current iPhone 7 for the new guy coming in next week. But there’s one question on our minds that we wish to ask; are people ready and willing to spend up to GHS 5000 on a phone? I mean in this economy? Well


It is rumored that the iPhone Edition or X (as it would probably be called) will be have higher price tags than its forerunners. Rumor again claims it will start at;

64GB – $999 = GHS 4400

256 GB – $1099 = GHS 4840

512 GB – $1199 = GHS 5280


Some industry players in the U.S have suggested that it would be ridiculous for Apple to peg the iPhone at such a price, stating that the starting price could be $900 with $1000 being the highest mark.


“Analysts have also noted Apple typically take cues from its competitors, and with Samsung’s latest offerings starting well under $1000 – the new Galaxy Note 8 starts at $930 unlocked – there’s a little incentive for Apple to raise the bar any higher”, a report by Mashable stated.


With a week more to go, we really do hope consumers are prepared to grab their piece once it’s in stores. We’ll bring you a build up to the release and live updates from the release. Stay with us.


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