Is This You?

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Have you ever tried studying at dawn for an exam before? Were you able to study without distractions?

It’s no secret that developers are accustomed to a peculiar behaviour. They always insist on being secluded to efficiently accomplish their target ahead.
Now you begin to wonder whether the phenomenon of studying at dawn is more productive. Brain cells are more alert at the break of the dawn.

Does this explain the weird behavioral pattern of a developer? Having a knack of drinking coffee just to stay awake at dawn and write all the codes
his creative mind permits him to.


nocturnal genius
Credit: Pexels – Dev at Work

[bctt tweet=”“Burning the midnight oil” has so long been a cliché that whenever it comes to serious studying. But now, it is the coat of many developers across the world.” username=”techtodaygh”]


How to Apply His Technique(s)

  • There’s a lot we can learn from the Nocturnal Genius. To begin with, know who you are and identify the period you are most productive to achieve your tasks. If you work best during the morning, plan your day so you achieve all your task in the morning. In that way, you will be efficient in whatever you do. The Nocturnal genius is noted for his activities in the dark, whiles others are asleep, he will be awake working his heart out. And if you carefully analyse this situation, from midnight onwards, you are less distracted with calls, WhatsApp messages or even notifications from Twitter. You know yourself better than anyone does. Study yourself, and find the period you are most productive. And use that to your advantage.


  • Secondly, in your daily activities, desire to be the best you can ever be. How can you do this? By researching a lot, to understand everything with regard to what you do at your workplace. Practice makes one Perfect. But with lack of understanding, you will be digging your own grave doing the wrong things repeatedly. The Nocturnal Genius is always up at night striving to understand how things work, and figuring why something went wrong. Always be in the habit of learning wherever you find yourself. There are always new skills to learn and techniques for us to adopt. This expands your mind.

In addition to this, believe in yourself in whatever you do. If you have a strong conviction that your method will work in solving a particular problem, go ahead and pursue that. Don’t wait for someone’s approval before you do that. You may never know, your way of tackling the problem will bring out the best solution.  Believe in yourself, and Go For It!

New Month. New Clean Slate


Clean Slate

A new month comes with a bag full of opportunities as well as an added load of problems. But with the attitude of the Nocturnal Genius, we can do anything and become unstoppable if we believe in ourselves and face any hurdle that life feeds up with head-on. Be humble and willing to take responsibility for mistakes as well as to learn from mistakes. By accepting this, you can grow into a better person, and notice your shortfall next time when they show their ugly faces in your life.

Pursue what you are passionate about and be determined to achieve your dreams no matter how long it will take you to reach the finish line. And above all, be in the habit of solving problems in any little way you can. Together, let’s make our community a better place to live in.


Happy New Month.

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