Welcome Bonfire, Facebook’s video chat app for android.

 Somewhere in September, Facebook launched a new app for iOS called Bonfire that allowed users to host group video chats with 8 of their friends at once. The app allowed fun video effects that could be applied similar to Snapchat’s 3D lenses. Users could even save photos of their video chats and immediately share on their favorite social network.

Today, Bonfire is finally making its way over to Android devices, where it’s available right now on the Google Play Store.

Twitterverse freaks out as Trump goes ‘offline’.

On Thursday, Twitter went wild after President Trump’s account was offline briefly. Investigations reveal that this inaction was carried out by a Twitter customer support employee on his last day of work.

Hours after it was restored, U.S. president Donald Trump’s Twitter account still experienced technical issues, as its follower count dropped drastically to 4,000.

The account was shortly restored to its previous 41 million followers, but panic had already ensued



Snapchat wades into Google versus Apple cheeseburger battle.

Apple and Google got “bashed” by the tech community over the layout of their emoji cheeseburgers. Google’s burger emoji has the cheese placed underneath the burger patty, with the lettuce leaf atop all other ingredients. Apple’s emoji however, has the cheese firmly planted on top, with the lettuce underneath the burger. According to Twitterverse, both are wrong.

But, it looks like Snapchat’s joined in the burger party by adding a dancing burger as one of its augmented reality lenses. Is Snapchat taunting Google and Apple or it’s just a mere coincidence? Let the trolls continue.


Whatsapp goes down for few minutes.

Earlier in May this year, Whatsapp users were thrown into a state of panic after the service was down for some hours. Just yesterday, a similar thing occurred but this time around just for 45 minutes. Most of us here hardly noticed, we probably blamed it on our service providers. That notwithstanding, #Whatsappdown became a trending phrase in UK’s Twitter. Other places that were hit included Russia, South Africa, parts of India, Malaysia, Spain and Germany


Microsoft integrates Linkedin contact info into Outlook.


Commercial Office 365 users can now see the LinkedIn profiles of their contacts within the email provider, according to a Microsoft blog post published on Tuesday.

To find a contact’s profile,

  • Click on their name at the top of an email. A panel with various information will pop up, including a spot that says LinkedIn profile with an arrow.


  • Click on that to show a mobile-sized version of the person’s LinkedIn profile, including mutual connections and work experience.

This is very much like a profile accessed through LinkedIn’s website or mobile app. Users will have the option to connect with the contact.

This step is in a bid to boost business communications.




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